Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


8. i need comfort

waking up next to the one you love in the morning is one if the best feelings. our naked bodies perfectly intwined together under the duvet. ed was asleep, very close and his breath huffed against my neck. i got up slowly and went to the bathroom. i washed myself up and threw on some swear pants and a t- shirt, along with some uggs, which i had taken from danielle  last night knowing most likely id spend the night. looking around, i noticed a note pad and a pen, quickly scribbling things over the note and leaving it on his bed side table. i read it aloud "going to starbucks, i don't know if you still like your old choice so ill get you what i get. caramel mocha! love you see you when i get back. should be very quick unless i run into trouble." i tip toed out of the room and shut the door. oh ed he was such a cute sleeper and I'm happy to say he was the one i lost my virginity too. i felt like my life was in fast forward going even faster than usual. i hopped into the car and turned on the ignition, backing up. turning the radio up to bruno mars locked out of heaven and signing along to the words. "oh yea yea oh yea yea yea" i sang. my lap vibrated as i looked down to see i had a text from ed. i pulled over to the side of the road and read. "okay, still remembering my favorite i see ; ) love you - ed" oh i loved him and his favorite was my favorite which was good because i just guessed. as i was getting ready to text back i noticed a car pull up behind me. i put my phone down and checked the mirrors. black suv, never a good sign. i locked all my doors and rolled up the windows. i watched as the figure got out of the car and started to approach me. i stuck the keys in and went to drive off, before leaving making sure it wasn't a cop or anything which it wasnt. i drove off leaving the man to the side of the road, no rape for him. as i started to drive to no were, i figured the man was definitely ditched now. i pulled over again to text ed. "scary story i have to tell you - amy" i wrote. "i have to tell you a pretty funny story too - ed." my phone vibrated. unknown number, i opened the text to find this. "I'm right behind you, i need to talk to you, stay parked this time." i looked behind me to find the same car as before here, and the same figure coming again. i was pretty sure i lost him. who was he. i made a dangerous move, locked everything, hid anything valuable and let the figure approach the car. he banged his hands on the window making me scream pressing his face to the window and smiling. "liam!" i screamed, rolling down the window. "let me take over the drivers seat, i have to take you somewhere." i unlocked the door and let him in. "what are you..." i asked not finishing my sentence and moving into the other seat "bringing you back home." he cut me off. "WHAT!!WHY?" "because you can't be living two lives, its too much." "three actually" "three?" he asked. "ummm yea but don't worry thats nothing." "whatever, living three lives is even worse, plus all this drama is occurring and every guy is falling in love with you again, including me and by making you go now is easier for all of us." "but liam!!! what about ed what about the plan." "ill make some exuse up" "NO! i love him and I'm staying with him" i can't believe him, after everything he wants to get rid of me!! who does that. "look your going home if you like it or not. its still early u can go and leave us pestering boys." "i don't want to leave you pestering boys at least not now, nothings right every things out of place i can't leave when all of this is happening. i need ed i love ed whether or not you accept it, harry might love me still and might be pretending he doesn't but i don't care i need him to get his anger out and then say sorry, i need niall and zayn to forgive me and i need them to come back and listen to my apology, i need louis to comfort me and i need you to not bring me back and to just listen what i have to say. unlike you i wasn't raised in a house, with a family and i didn't become rich and famous and had the perfect partner. NO i never did and i finally do. can't you just let me keep the good things and let go of all the bad." i said starting to tear, its like these boys wanted me to cry on a regular basis. "FINE! wanna know the real reason. I'm falling more and more in love with you each day and when you came to me for help i just couldn't take it i was over joyed and i think danielle noticed this. she said something about it to me and i can't leave her i love her to much, if i let you go now then i won't fall more in love with you but if you stay it could lead to trouble." he said. "pull over"i said, he did as told and i got out of the car. "i can't let you take me away from ed." i started walking towards the coffee shop down the street. "RYAN" he screamed. i just ignored him and continued walking. i knew exactly were i was this place brought up back memories. i passed daisies and walked into the little house hearing the bells ring. walking up to the counter i ordered one caramel mocha, and a small cookie. i sat down sipping the hot beverage and pulled out my phone, knowing exactly who i was gonna call. dialing the number i heard the voice i wanted to hear on the other line. "Lou?" i asked into the phone. "hey ry whats up." he asked. "umm is it possible you can meet me at the coffee shop by daises." "oh um right now" he asked. "yea, its kinda important." "sure,ill be there in 30 minutes." he said. yea daisies was far from were we all lived but it was a place we all went to to hang out. it was going to be a while till lou came so i figured i could just sit and read some magazines. i walked over to the rack and went down picking up, seventeen, people, vogue and a couple others when i noticed it. front cover two pictures. the left was an old pic of me and harry holding hands, walking down a street. the next was a picture of me and ed on stage, headline: harrys girl falls for ed. OH SNAP I WAS IN TROUBLE.  i had to make sure that ed didn't see this. 




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