Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


3. forget him


three years ago 

ryans pov:


"say my name" harry whispered into my ear. "harry" i moaned as he inserted another finger inside of me. I have told harry before i won't lose my virginity till i can finally trust him but that didn't stop me from getting naked with the boy just doing less than a normal teenager would. i wouldn't even allow harry to explore inside me with a condom there for we had our own methods of comfort. " harry" i moaned even louder, arching my back and slowly reaching my climax. we were both sweating but that didn't stop us from anything. digging my nails into his chest i heard a noise from outside. Harry heard it to and since harry lived with zayn and liam anyone could be approaching. " harry.....theres someone........coming." harry quickly released and i gave out a big moan. "shhhhh just go under the blankets and pretend your sleeping." he said sweat dripping down from his hair. i tugged on his hair intertwining my fingers with his curly locks. "no harry i wanna keep going." i said playfully. he kissed my stomach making a trail of kisses all the way up to my mouth. i pulled away i think it is time. "h-h-harry its time" i said relocating our lips and talking whenever i got breath. " for what" he said rubbing the sides of  my breasts i knew he knew what i meant. "fuck me." he looked at me in the eyes and noticed i was serious he lowered down onto me and was about to be inside of me when. " wow i am so sorry i didn't mean to interrupt i just need the remote." zayn said with an evil smirk plastered on his face. I ran to  go hide under the covers and protect myself along with harry. "get  out." harry yelled. well i was done for the night.  i packed my stuff up and threw on some cloths. "what are you doing."  harry asked. "heading home see u soon." i said zippering up my bag and leaving. "why" he yelled from the stairs. " cause" i replied. i had a good night with the one i loved and i knew if i left now i would keep my innocence. maybe i wasn't ready maybe that was a sign. or zayn just needing the remote either or. 


i headed over to harrys and after last night i knew that boy was mine forever i pulled up to the driveway and rang the bell. harry grabbed me by the wrist and carried me to his car. "hello to you to harry were are we going, harry your hurting me." no reply. i buckled my belt and watched as harry started to speed up. i started to notice we were out of holmes chapel and in a barren wasteland. "harry talk to me whats going on with you." i yelled this entire time he wasn't talking to me. did i do something. he pulled over onto the side of an alley way. "why" he asked me. "why what..." "don't act stupid with me know what. why would you cheat on me with louis, louis out of all people who also has a girlfriend. why would you do this to me." i never actually told harry that me and lou had a thing and we didn't do much except kiss...........more like make out but it wasn't my fault I'm a good girl and i was drinking that night. one drink I'm as tipsy as a sailor. but how would he know. " how did u....." i tried but didn't finish. "lou confessed." he said. why would he confess it was safer with just us knowing grrh i hate myself for every thing i did i was such a slut. he unbuckled his seatbelt what was he doing now. he climbed on top of me.  "let me love you now were alone your ready" he said screaming and falling all over the place. "harry no I'm not ready." it was anger taking over and it wasn't harry. he wouldn't take no and as i kept trying to scream no he wouldn't get off. he unbuckled his belt and lifted up my dress. "your mine." he yelled trying to get me to let him discover treasure. i slipped away from him. i opened the car door and ran out. " this is your anger this isn't you I'm not ready" i cried and tears rolled down faster and faster, harder and harder. he slammed his fish on the seat. " love me." he yelled. this wasn't harry he was crazy. he zippered up his pants and went to o drive away. " wait harry i can't walk back I'm in the middle of no were. " he got out of the car and looked me in the eyes and smacked me so hard i hit the ground. " suffer what I've suffered hearing this." he said. getting into the car. i can't believe i almost let this boy take my virginity away. he drove and left me on the cold hard ground, crying he made me feel worthless but he was the dick here not me. 




i woke up in a cold barren land, mascara stuck to my face and dried blood on my check. today i had to figure out how to get home and the only thing i could think of was walking. 




zayn told me all a bout harry and ryan last night, and it killed me to know harry had her and i didn't. intact right now the two love birds were probably going all round two on each other, but i heard she was still a virgin so it was ok i could possibly still be her first or not. unlike the love doves i was off to daisys  ice cream parlor to get some ice cream. daises was all the way up in chelsea and a horribly long drive but it was worth it for this ice cream. as i was going through a barren waste land i notched a figure lyon gon the ground. looked like they were starving and had been beat up. as i pulled up clsoser to the figure i noticed it was ryan!?! what was she doing here and why did she look like this. i pulled over and ran over to her. " ryan" i yelled. she looked up at me revealing all of her cuts and bruises. "niall" she screamed. " did harry send you hear." she asked. "no why would harry send me here." i said helping her up. she hugged me as tight as she could but she was so weak she could barely keep it up. i picked her u and brought her to the car. i didn't know what was going on but i had a feeling harry was involved with him and i had a feeling someone would soon be getting a beating by the niall horan. we got into the car and i watched  as she started to cry. "niall i thought he loved me i thought we would be together i thought forever me and him would be and we would have a family and he beat me up and ditched me here because i kissed louis." "he what?!?! that dick" i yelled i was furious how can he hurt something so beautiful and fragile. " niall i have no were to go, harry found me living on the streets and he put me back there i don't have money i don't have anything were am i suppose to go." she cried. i hugged her. how can harry do this i swear next time i see him i am going to kill him and rearrange his entire face. "stay with me for a couple days till you get back on your feet." " i could never do that harry would find us just two days that should be enough time till i find somewhere to go." "okay." i said lightly kissing her forehead. i drove her back to my place and watched as she called family members to take her in. " thank you i love you so much, see u tomorrow." she seemed excited. "found someone." i asks."my brother." she said. sitting next to me. "thank you for taking me in." she whispered in my ear making shivers run down my spine. I couldn't take this anymore my hormones were making me crazy i wanted her but i knew she was to hurt for what i really wanted. she placed her legs over me. God why did she have to do that. i picked her up so she could sit on my lap. she looked at me. one eye was confused as to what was going on but the other showed she wanted me. she draped her legs over and wrapped them around. i took my hands and put them around her waist. God i was eating for this and it was happening. she leaned in cupping my chin with her hands and slowly pressed her lips against mine. they were soft and tasted like bubble gum making me swoon. she licked my bottom lip and i allowed her to enter. as the kiss became stronger i pulled her closer and through her to the couch and layed on top of her. i took my shirt off. thats it i wanted her as much as she wanted me. but all i did was close the gap between us with a hard sweet kiss making her moan in between. i loved this i wanted this. i got up " i needed that." i whispered now seducing her. i got up a long as her and walked over to were my shirt was. "no" she screamed. "what""i like you shirtless" "so i shall be" i said not putting my shirt back on this was a magical moment. tomorrow she will leave me luckily i got her a job today at daisies so she has a job and shelter. i know i won't ever see her again which bothered me i had to but i didn't. 




her brother came to pick her up we said our goodbyes and then i watched as the car pulled out of the driveway i was going to miss her...i was going to miss her a lot actually




ohhhh intesity so what did u all think!!! i love this chapter so much. i just want dot let you guys know this is an ed sheeran and one direction fanfic. ed will be coming in soon. Also if you were confused this was three before ryan got kidnapped so this is how they knew each other before. i thought id give you the back round of this all. also what did u think about the louis surprise hmmmm do they have something going on heheh find out. sorry about the sex scene and all that stuff but for those who don't like it well thats how my movellas are so yea but don't worry i will try not to put many of those in there!!! whats up with harry good lord. all right well its gonna be a while till the next chapter so for now enjoyxxx




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