Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


7. bye bye!

Guys i just wanna say a lot of my chapters are going to be inappropriate and for muture readers only so if u don't like that stuff I'm not the persons movellas you wanna be reading all rightxx


ryans pov:

The past couple of days have been the same. me and ed have been going great! yesterday he took me to an amusement park and tonight we were going to his concert. I must say i was falling for this guy, hard and i knew he already loved me and i finally loved him. These boys didn't even force me to fall in love with ed it just happened. it was late at night and i haven't came out of my room all day just cause i had nothing better to do. he thought it was cute cause i called us the " the gingers" and we really were "the gingers." i got dressed into a black shirt with a studded cross on it, galaxy jeans, steve madden studded combat boots, a black beanie, and a spiked double ring. i walked downstairs to niall  "were have you been all day." niall said turning to me. zayn was here and was eating along with niall. "sorry, I've just been so tired." i said getting some food from the fridge. "come on you didn't wanna come down to see your old pal." zayn said. "i see you everyday." i said with almost a disgusted look on my face trying to make him feel obnoxious for saying that. "feisty, i like feisty women" said niall. i shook my head. "now niall i understand we had a little something to start off but i like ed now." i said sitting down and putting my hand on nialls shoulder. i was letting the good girl take over, the old me, the real ryan. he seemed shocked, did he actually think i was acting this entire time. "oh, but wait your just acting your not actually in love with him right."  i didn't answer to that question and when i didn't answer it meant it was true. "you like him?" zayn asked. he seemed upset too. gosh i understood these boys liked me and all but they had to chill. "love" i said turning around so they both couldn't see my face. i turned around to two upset boys. "oh" zayn said biting his lip to hold everything back unlike niall who was getting red. "excuse me." he said getting up.  i was confused these boys liked me that much. "niall" i screamed after him. zayn looked at me. "i should go" "no zayn please its not my falt i can't control my feelings." he got up and put  his jacket on. now tears were starting to slowly come out of my eyes. he got up and put his hands on my hips just like the other day. " i know but you know i can take you to another world." he said. "perrie" i whispered "forget about her i like her but i love you more."i looked up into his eyes and started crying. i had no intention on hurting these boys and it hurt me to know this. he took my head in his hands and wiped away my tears. "I'm sorry." i whispered. he leaned in and lightly kissed my lips. "wanted to get that out of the way since i can't have you." he let me go and walked away and out the door. i watched as he walked out the door. i fell to the floor crying. it broke my heart hurting these boys. i hugged my knees and cried to myself when i suddenly came out of thought. "niall." i whispered. "niall" i repeated. "niall" "niall" "NIALL" i kept repeating getting louder every time. i slowly started to get up still screaming nialls name. i ran upstairs and into his room to find a crying niall in his bed. "NIALL" i screamed opening the door and once i finally saw him i whispered his name. "niall." he was laying on his side playing his guitar and crying. i walked next time him. "niall answer me" i cried. "NIALL" i screamed i was staring right at him and he wasn't saying anything. " niall i know you know how it feels to fall in love and u can't control your feelings I'm not quite sure what just happened but i didn't mean to hurt you." i said standing a the foot of hid bed he just stared at me. "NIALL" i crawled onto his bed, i was gonna make this boy talk. i layed on the other side of him and wrapped one leg around him and with my hand i petted his head playing with his hair. i just let him cry in my arms and even though he wasn't facing me i know he was crying harder, he put his guitar down. "why are you acting like this, you just said you loved ed." he asked. i honestly didn't know why i was acting like this because i did love ed but i don't know. "i don't know, i felt like i had to comfort you and since me and ed are together, and you can't have me i feel like one more day in each others arms wouldn't hurt." he looked at me with his blue eyes , which at the moment were red. he moved the hair out of my face. i just smiled at him, never leaving those orbs filled with despair and love. i took my head and nuzzled it in his chest . he patted my hair and i sat up, looking into each others eyes and sonly he crashed his lips into mine. i started crying and it wasn't for hurting these boys, i was crying because i was cheating on ed by doing all this. but niall didn't care about the fact i was crying he continued kissing me softly and we both were crying now but continued. i pulled away i tried giving niall the love he was asking for but it killed me inside to be cheating on ed. Most love storys were different, they fell in love at first sight or hated each other and then loved each other but no mine was diffrent. "niall i can't" "but you just said.." "i now what i just said." i cut him off getting up. i wanted to run to eds house and tell him everything but i couldn't, i"d ruin everything and he would hate me. i got up off the bed and stared at niall and now i was the one running away but out of the house, out of the town, out in till i couldn't no more. i crashed on the side of an old warehouse and again i was alone and lost but this time it was cause of my own actions. i sat there and cried my knees hugged into my chest, i couldn't take this now i hurt the boys and cheated on ed. i was a mistake i didn't deserve to live but something inside told me to hang on that the ride got better. I'm kidnapped not aloud to leave till i finish my duty and i don't know what they will do to me if i don't, would they hurt me, leave me alone in a room with harry, i couldn't bear to think of the punishment. i got up and started walking back in the direction i came from 


nialls pov:

i don't know were she went but she just stormed out like all this was bad for her, like she was the hurt one. The girl that i love loves one of my best mates again, always they fall for my closets friends but never me. whats so bad about me tell me did i do something wrong that i can't be loved. no not this time, i was going to win this time. i heard the door ring and i ignored it, and then again it rang, for a third time it went off and i walked downstairs to what i thought was ryan but ended up being...........ed. "hey"i said. not looking at me he replied "jez ni do i have to break the door down in order to get inside." he looked up and saw i was crying. "bud your alright, weres amy is she here yet." he asked "I'm fine, she ummm she was here but ughh we got into a fight about some errrm personal things and she stormed out of here and ran some were i don't know were she is." half of that story was true. "you what!?!? ni we have to go get her." he yelled running into the car. "you go ed i can't right now." "really so you rather stay in bed and possibly never see her then go out and find her, you might not like her but she's the love of my life, and if your to of a douche to except that then thats not my fault." he said i watched as he drove away into the car. i looked at it and then walked in the other direction towards the  inside of the house. i couldn't take this madness. 


eds pov: 

how could ni not want to come, what was the fight about, were was amy, questions soared my mind as i yelled out the window for amy but found no one. "PLEASE AMY, ANSWER ME" i yelled. no hope i was driving for two hours now and nothing, my concert my fans would have to be disappointed i wasn't stopping till i found her. i heard my cell phone ring and went to see who it was. management ugh i was gonna be in trouble. "hello" i said voice all rustic. " ed i know your expecting us to ask were you are, but i know were u are thanks to your good friend liam. he dropped of a present for you that you were going to pickup, well its here now and waiting for your arrival so you can come on down to the concert now." i checked my messages and saw liam texted me saying he needed to give me a present so they must have thought thats what i was going for.  "listen this is really important i wasn't going to get the present, just listen to me for one second. i am out looking for someone and if i don't find them no concert, there more important alright." i said. "well ed if you don't do the concert we will  cancel the rest of your tour." i couldn't have that i could look for her later i guess. "fine' i said hanging up. i texted lou, li, and asked them to go look for amy. i drove back to the arena not read for this. i walked into my dressing room to find amy sitting there in a blanket drinking coffee. "amy, what are you doing here, niall told me you ran off and u guys got into a fight.i went to look for you." she was weak and i could tell. "i won't go on if you don't want me to ill stay here with you." "what, no i am here to see u perform i can see u any day of the week." she sassily replied "sassy" i said pecking her lips and grabbing my guitar. "break a leg." she yelled after me. "ready, i hope you liked your present" my extra bodyguard  dan said. "oh i didn't get it yet." i said confused. "dip shit she was your present, she ran to liams house after a fight with niall." thats were she went, to liams. i found it funny because liam being the fatherly figure, i always go to him for situations like this but this time i didn't. to think i wasn't even using my head! "ready, set, go" the man said telling me to go on. i saw amy from the side and smiled at her, she waved at me and blew a kiss. i went on and watched the crowd scream for me, this was always one of the best feelings. "GREAT BRITAN WELCOMES YOU ALL TO WWWOOOLLLVVEEERRRHHAAAMMPPTTTOOOONNN"  i screamd into the microphone. they screamed even louder. "one, two three four!" i heard the band yell. "I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house, if things go wrong i can nock it down." i sang to the crowd. "this next song is very special to me, a long time ago me and my girlfriend wrote some songs and little does she know i made it into an album, creatively i thought of the name songs i wrote with amy. this next song is dedicated to the most beautiful girl in the world, my girlfriend, amy.  here is she." the crowd went crazy with this and i sang the song me and amy wrote two years ago. i saw her smiling like crazy from the side. "ohhh she know me so well" i sang. drunk, then firefly, to fall , and homeless i sang in order.  after a couple more songs dan told me to wrap it up. "sadly only one more song guys, and this will be very special, amy is here tonight yes in the building, amy why don't you come on out here." i said. the audience went crazy. her face looked shocked. she really changed since we last dated. old amy wouldn't have gone in the water the other day and would have obnoxiously came out here on stage already. she wasnt the same but i liked the new her a lot better. "ed" she mouthed  looking at me. she seemed scared. i went over and grabbed her hand. "amy guys" i yelled making the crowd practically die now. "hi" she nervously waved. "amy come sit over here." i said making her sit in a chair. "ed what are you doing" she asked so tense. "calm down, its something special" i brought her over to the chair that i wanted her to sit in and grabbed my guitar. "this next song is called, kiss me" i said to the crowd. seductivly strumming the guitar and looking at her. i watched as she blushed. "kiss me like you wanna be loved" i sang, every moment looking at  her. it seemed like her mind ignored the audience as if it was just us too. at the end of the song the crowd went crazy i looked at her. " KISS,KISS, KISS,KISS" the crowd roared i stared at the audience and when i went to turn back around to amy i felt her lips against mine. we moved in harmony together till she pulled away. "you did amazing" she whispered. i pecked her lips one more time and then i screamed to the audience. "GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!" we walked off hand in hand. passing everyone and going to my dressing room. she ran inside and spun around. "That was amazing." she said plopping herself into the huge fluffy chair. "Glad you liked it, you can come any time." 


ryans pov:


everything he did, everything he said or sang all of that was just perfect. it was amazing how the crowd went crazy for him. "great" i replied. he took his shirt off and got dressed into something more suitable. i watched as he slipped his pants off leaving him just in boxers. he looked at me "later" he said. and then put his pants back on. well i could tell what he meant by that and just rather ignored it. most likely him and amy had sex before and i was a little virgin. if we did he would probably find out  i was amy and what would he do. he slipped on his pants and took my hand "lets go love" we ran to his car and went to his house. guess i was going to his house tonight ; ). "i wanna be drunk when i wake up on the right side of the wrong bed" the radio played. "ed listen" i said excited. he took his hand motioning to change it "no!" i screamed making it louder. he just shook his head at me. "ILL BE DRUNK AGAIN, TO FFEEELL A LITTL LLOOVEE"i belted. i gave him a stare as in well. "ALL By MYSELF" he belted and we both joined in till we got to his house. we walked inside and i watched as ed pulled me upstairs, him thinking i new were i was going. his house was nice it had a small living area which connected to the kitchen and dinning area. stairs lead up to the bedroom and bathroom. not big but enough for just him. he pulled me into the bedroom and threw off his shirt. Oh gosh as much as i wanted to keep my innocence if i told him that i was a virgin he would know that i wasn't amy, so here we went. i pushed him against the wall and pulled on his hair kissing and licking his lips. he started sucking till i knew there was a mark i moaned and started grinding against his cock, it was already hard which made me create a small smirk upon my lips but later was gone and moaning from ed still sucking. he pulled my shirt off and through me to the bed. he pulled off his pants and came on top of me. i arched my back giving him access to unstrap my bra, and he did as told. he pulled his pants off "ED, FUCK ME" i was in the moment i didn't even think of me being amy just the fact that i had to have sex in order to be her. he kissed down my stomach and unzipped my jeans pulling them off off were my panties and hen his boxers. he entered me and i let out a huge moan. he let me adjust to his size and then out of no were thrusted and kept doing this making me moan at first in pain and after with pleasure. "faster"i said. he did so "say my name" he whispered. "ED" "ED" i screamed. my walls started to tightened and we both reached our climaxes he realeased and i practically screamed. we both were huffing and i went under the covers. he snuggled up to me "goodnight" he said kissing my forehead. "night babe." i said. today was full of drama but this night was worth it i just wondered how niall and zayn were and the rest of the boys when they found out. especially harry. 




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