little things that make me love love

Taylor Swift
Demi Lovato
Selena Gomez
Miely Cyrus
(the girls are all best friends but not famous
but still sing and have great voices)
What happens when boy band 1D falls in love with the girls
at sight but don't even know their names?2 months later they meet again
but do the girls love there true match back?


2. sick cat

the girls pov
As soon as we enter the hell hole we went to get
our scheldues "yay all classes together Taylor said happily
but there was pain in her voice.

Selena pov
I sensed pain in Taylor's voice then looked in her
eyes red and puffy she had been crying "What's
wrong Taylor?" Demi,miely and I said at the same time.
Taylor looked down and said "Milo sick with a temp and I didn't. want to leave her"she said in a low whisper. Milo is Taylor's. orange and white kitten she loves so much
"come on lets ditch school. right now and take him to the vet"
Taylor didn't. have time to refuse we were in the car in a spilt
Miely pov
"Fine,but I want Starbucks"she said happy she didn't. have
to to do schoolwork."kk " Demi said and drove to Starbucks.
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