Just one more time.

A girl who's stuck between a goth and a normal person she cut's herself and just want more her friends tell her to stop but her heart tells her more.


1. how is tarted.

It was a cold summers night when everybody was asleep i couldn't help it one of my friends had told me shared her secret she told me it made her feel better and she was right. What are you thinking as the reader are you thinking drugs smoking drinking maybe even sex? Well your most probably wrong it was self harm.

Now your thinking Goth's emo's well no just your ordinary people do it for reasons indicating to being bullied,child abused,stressed,sad,angry anything i did it because i was under stress i was sad but the thing is i keep saying was when i mean am i i still self harm my self it all started yesterday night.

It was a happy Sunday night we were on the game-boy singing songs on a game, when my dad decided to start to play fight but then stood on my hand messing around still, but it hurt so tears flooded from my eyes as  i curled up into a ball, then my brother joined in annoying me the anger built up i raced upstairs were i was hoping to cry till i fell asleep but then they followed me coming to tell me they were sorry but they didn't mean it. I laid in bed thinking about revenge anger building up, that's when i cracked pulled open my desk draw and pulled out the pin, put the metal to my skin it felt so right, then i added pressure it piercing my skin, so that the blood rolled down my arm, i smiled and did it two more times in various places on my arm now that i felt better i could sleep.

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