The Dream Of A Life Time

Emily McGavin is seventeen years old and lives in Sandbach, Cheshire England with her single dad. When her dad becomes the manager of One Direction she doesn't know what to think, she's excited to meet them but she doesn't want to scare them by being all fan girl like . Especially Zayn, she doesn't want to embarras her self in front of Zayn. L


10. Tour Time!

     Emily's P.O.V

  "You know I could never stay mad at you," I laughed as I tured in his grasp wrapping my arms around his neck. I leant into kiss him but of clourse Lou had to interupt.

   "Dude did you forget that we are here to," Lou chuckeled.

    "Sorry Lou," I said giving him an evil smile. "Oh shit! What time is it," I exclaimed looking back at Zayn.

     "Eleven thirty," he said looking at me questioningly after looking at his watch. "Why is it such a big deal," he asked confusedly.

      "Because! We have to meet my dad at the tour bus at twelve to load our luggage," I said desprately.

  We get to the bus at eleven- fiftyfive with just enough time to throw our stuff into the bus and get settled. "Sorry we're late dad," I say as I walk on to the bus.

  "It's ok darling," he says patting me on the head as I walk by. I go and join the Zayn on the couch and I just sit in awe. Never in my life did i imagine that I would be going on tour with One Direction let alone be the girlfriend of Zayn Malik. I must have zoned out because I was brought back to reality when I feel Zayn kissing the soft spot on my neck. I let out a little moan and lean my head into his kiss just enjoying it. I turn my head and bring his lips to mine continuing the kiss, I wrap my arms around his neck and play with the baby hair at the bottom of his neck.

     "Not right now, your dad is here," he whisperes into my mouth between kisses. I moan slightly at the thought of having to stop this blissfull moment, but also Zayn has a point we don't want my dad to catch us making out and maybe doing something else that I dont want my dad seeing us "almost" doing...............




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