The Dream Of A Life Time

Emily McGavin is seventeen years old and lives in Sandbach, Cheshire England with her single dad. When her dad becomes the manager of One Direction she doesn't know what to think, she's excited to meet them but she doesn't want to scare them by being all fan girl like . Especially Zayn, she doesn't want to embarras her self in front of Zayn. L


8. Princess

     Zayn's P.O.V

      I sang to her, I sang "Moments" because it said everything I wanted to say to her all day and I finally did.

      I watched her as she slept peacefully, with my arm around her waist. Her shoulders rose and fell softly, as I watched her I thought I promised my self that I would never hurt her or let anything happen to her I would do aynthing to protect her. I eventually dozed off but I was woken up by Niall violently shaking me.

      "Niall stop," sitting up and rubbing my eyes. "You'll wake Em."

     "Sorry," Niall whispered. "The lads wanted me to wake you because we wanted to make Emily breakfast in bed as a way to thank her for letting us stay here till we leave for tour later today."

     "Thats a great idea Niall!" I said getting out of bed and pulling the blankets back aroung Emily. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and then left the room with Niall shutting the door softly behind us. Niall and I went dwn stairs and into the kitchen where Lou, Liam, and Harry were setting out supplies for making pancakes.

       "How was your slumber sleaping beauty," Lou joked.

      "Fine, Em woke me up around three because she had a bad dream," I said as I started measuring ingredients fo the pancakes.

      " Since when did you start calling her Em?" Harry asked confusdly. I was about to tell them when Lou guessed it.


    "Yeah I did," I said enthuseastcally.

    "Good for you mate," Liam said smiling thumping me on the back, "it's good to see that you have for gotten about Perrie and that your getting back on your feet."

       "Thanks," I said my face falling a little at the sound of Perrie's name.

       "I'm sorry man I shouldn't have brought up Perrie," Liam said patting my shoulder.

       "It's ok I'm over her I have Em now," I said smiling and punching him in the shoulder smiling.

      "Well congrats again, Em is lucky to have you," Liam said punching me back.

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