The Dream Of A Life Time

Emily McGavin is seventeen years old and lives in Sandbach, Cheshire England with her single dad. When her dad becomes the manager of One Direction she doesn't know what to think, she's excited to meet them but she doesn't want to scare them by being all fan girl like . Especially Zayn, she doesn't want to embarras her self in front of Zayn. L


9. Am In Heaven?

Emily's P.O.V

    I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon and the sound of the boys starting to sing the wake up song. I smiled as I rolled over onto my left side opening my eyes as they walked in my room with a tray. As i sit up Zayn comes over and sits on  the edge of my bed.

       "How'd you sleep love?"he asks as he takes my hang and intertwines his fingers in mine.

        "Better once you started singing, I felt safe those nightmares always get to me," I said looking at him throught fuzzy eyes because I didn't have my contacts in. I still couldn't believe that he was mine I always dreamed of it but I never imagined it would come true.

       "Good," he said as he softly stroked the back of my hand with his thumb. He tok my face with his other hand and kissed me, my body went all warm like the feeling you get when you sit infront of a fire place on a cold January night, I was in total bliss.

        "Get a room," Lou yelled laughing.

   That snapped me out of it I grabbed my glassed and put them on, once my vision cleared I saw Lou,Liam,Niall, and Harry all standing there with Lou holding the tray of food.

     "Oh boys you didn't have to do that," I said kindly as I looked from Zayn to the boys.

      "No, we wanted to, it's our way of saying thank you for letting us stay here till we leave for tour later," Niall said as he set the tray of food in my lap. They had made me pancakes in the shape of a heart with strawberries on top.

    "Awe you guys didn't have to do this for me," I said on the verge of tears .

    "Yes we did," Liam said. "we wanted to let you know how much we apriciate you and are your dad are doing us letting us staying here for the night."

     "And plus your Zayn's girlfriend and we sorta have to treat you like a princess," Lou joked as he walked over and joined me and Zayn on the bed.

    "Awe Zayn, thank you for making me your princess," I said giving his hand a squeez.

    After I ate the I brought the tray downstairs with the boys in toe. We all had fun washing the dishes except for the fact that but the time we were done there was water all over the floor from when we had thrown sudz at eachother.We all had sudz in our hair but besides that we had a ton of fun.

   "Aahh I'm soaked!" I screamed  laughing as Zayn dumped more sudz in my hair. He laughed he was doubeling over.

    "OH NO YOU DIDN'T," I yelled at him as I turned around with a hand full if sudz and a devilish look on my face.

 Zayn's P.O.V 

  I looked up to see Emily standing over me with a handful of sudz and a devilish grin on her face.

      "YOU'RE GONNA GET IT MALIK!" she laughed as she came closer to me.
      "NO NOT THE HAIR!" I begged her. She stopped and made a pouty face and threw the sudz into the sink and turned her back on me and crossed her arms over her chest.

    "Oh c'mon love don't be that way I was only joking," I said walking up behind her and slipping my arms around her waist. 




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