The Dream Of A Life Time

Emily McGavin is seventeen years old and lives in Sandbach, Cheshire England with her single dad. When her dad becomes the manager of One Direction she doesn't know what to think, she's excited to meet them but she doesn't want to scare them by being all fan girl like . Especially Zayn, she doesn't want to embarras her self in front of Zayn. L


3. Am I Dreaming?

                  Emily's P.O.V

        I stood in the middle of the with Zayn's arm around me. "OH MY GOD ZAYN MALIK IS HOLDING ME!" I thought to my self as I stood there in awe,then I hear Louis say something to Zayn. I'm guessing it's about the look on my face and Zayn tightens his grip on my waist.

        "I'm fine," I whisper in a small voice.

       "Are you sure love, you still look a little pale

        "Yes, I'm positive thanks for asking," I chuckeled confidently. "I was just really shocked that you boys are sitting here in my den," I said starting to cry tears of happiness.

      "What's wrong love," Louis says worriedly as he and the other boys hop up from the couch and rush over to me and Zayn.

    "Nothing," I chuckeled as I wipe the tears from my cheeks. They all give me puzzeled looks. "It's because I've always dreampt of my dad becoming your manager, I-I just never imagined it coming true," I said smiling

   "Aaaawww," they all said at the same time.


             Zayn's P.O.V

       The boys and I are all standing in a circle with Emily next to me.

        "Well," I said " I would say we should introduce our selves but I think you alread know who we are but we don't know know your name love," I chuckeled.

        "Oh! my name is Emily Rose McGavin and I'm seventeen years old and I absolutely LOVE you boys," she said boldly holding her head high and nodding so violently that her silky brwn hair, that was pulled into a perfect pony tail high on the back of her head, bobbed violently up and down almost whipping Harry in the face.

       "Well, it's nice to meet you Emily Rose McGavin," Lou said in an official voice which made Emily collapse in to a fit of laughter and fall to the floor.

      After we all got acquainted Emily went back up stairs to put on some differrent clothing because she was fussing over her appearance and that she thought she looked like a total slob. We kept telling her that she looked fine but she wasn't convinced, so after about twenty minutes we were all about to scream. So we told her if it was that of a big deal she could go and change if she wanted.

    "Here," I said standing up and giving her my hand to help her off the sagging couch.

   "Thanks," she said blushing as she took my hand and I pulled he up off the couch.

   We Locked eyes for a minute  or so, I couldn't help but notice again how pretty her eyes are, now I'm posotive I'm in love  with her I can just feel it in my heart.

     "Earth to Zayn," Lou said waving his hand in front of my face.

      "Oh yeah sorry," I said releasing Emily's hand from Mine.

      "See you in ten minutes or so," Emily said and then she sped out of the den. Lou made sure she was up stairs before we started to talk.

     "She's really sweet," Niall said.

    "Yes, definately," Liam and Harry agreed with Niall.

    "She's really cute," I said sheepishly.

     "HOLEY CARROTTS!!!!" Lou exclaimed "YOU LIKE HER DON'T YOU ZAYN!"

     "Yeah, kinda," I laughed.

            Emily's P.O.V

      I sped out of the den and up the stairs into my room grabbingpale green boy shorts,a pink tee that said Love Pink, a pair of black flip flops, and my One Direction zip up hoodie. I literally danced all the way to my bathroom. I got changed and put on some mascara and put in some earings and I jogged casually down the stairs.

       I came aroundthe corner into the den and the boys were still sitting on the couches they had been on before I had gone up stairs. Except Zayn, he was standing in the same spot in the middle of the carpet.

           Zayn's P.O.V

       She came aroud the corner into the den, she looked absolutely stunnng. She was wearing a pair of pale green boy shorts, a Love Pink tee that hugged her body, a pair of black pair of flip flops, and a One Direction hoodie. When I saw the hoodie I smiled and  chuckeled to my self.



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