The Dream Of A Life Time

Emily McGavin is seventeen years old and lives in Sandbach, Cheshire England with her single dad. When her dad becomes the manager of One Direction she doesn't know what to think, she's excited to meet them but she doesn't want to scare them by being all fan girl like . Especially Zayn, she doesn't want to embarras her self in front of Zayn. L


1. Black Out

      Emily's P.O.V

    "Emily, sweetheart it's almost teno'clock and my new clients are going to be here soon I think you are going to want to meet them," my dad whispered in my ear.

    "Ok," I mumbeled sleepily as I rolled out of bed and put on my glasses, grabbed my iPhone and went into  my bathroom to get ready. I put on a pair of yoga pants a, bright orange tee, and one of my many travel softball team sweat shirts. Just as I walk out of the bathroom I hear the door bell ring. I hear my dad open the door to let our guests in.

  "Emily, sweatheart, pleas come down stairs my clients are here please come down stairs I'd like you to meet them i think you will be thrilled," my dad called up the stairs.

  "Ok dad, hold on a sec just let me grab something from my room," I yelled back as I walked back to  my room to get my kindle fire. I looked around my room at the vareous One Direction poster, my best friend Abby and I loved them so much, my eyes stopped on the one on Zayn Malik my favourite of them all. I finally snapped out of it and grabbed my kindle and went running down the stairs and into  the den where I knew where my dad would be.

  "Yeah daddy," I said as I walked in the room.

  " Emily I would like you to meet my new clients," he said.

  "OH MY GOD DAD.....," was all i could get out of my mouth, when i saw One Direction sitting on my sofa, before I fainted.

   Zayn's P.O.V

    "Yes daddy," I heard a girls voice say as she walked in the room.

   "Emily,"(side thought:I'm asuming Emily is his daughter) Mr.McGavin said "I wouldlike you to meet my new clients.

   "OH MY GOD DAD," was all she was able to get out of her mouth before she fainted.

    I jumped out of my seat and caught her before she hit the hardwood floor. When I caught her I noticed she had long sliky brown hair.

  "Thank you Zayn,"Mr.McGavin saidasi stood up with Emily passed out in my arms. I sat down on the couch and laid her head on a pillow in my lap just as Lou came over with a zip-lock bacg full of ice wrapped in a hand towel.

      "Thanks mate," I said as I took the bag of ice from him.

       I gentlypull her bangs back from her forehead and gently place the bag on her forehead. We continued with the little interview, the entire time I kept stealing little glances at Emily admiring how pretty she was. About half way through the I felt her stir.

  "Guys, " I said loud enough  for Mr. McGavin and the lads to hear but not loud enough to make it seem like I was yelling, "I think she's coming too."

  Mr.McGavin and the lads came over to where I was sitting. Then her eyes fluttered open revealing beautiful bright green eyes.

  "Hello Love," I said sweetly smiling at her.



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