Forever and Always

Alex Gonzalez is a 17 year old on the outside, but a 150 year old immortal. She has long dark brown hair and her eyes are golden. She lives with her immortal family, since her mortal family died a long time ago. Her "Sisters and Brothers" are Yazmine and Jonathan, Amelia and Ethan, and her "Mother and Father" Jackson and Amanda. When she meets an 18 year old mortal, everything changes. She starts to have feelings for the boy and knows it will not go well. She tries to avoid them but...well, you'll have to read to find out
(A/N: I changed the title. Hope you like the story. Give me feedback if you don't. If not, just give me feedback. )


1. The Beginning of the End

Alex's P.O.V.

I was running. Where, I had no idea. But I knew I had to get away. Then, while I was looking back to see if I was being followed, I ran into something hard. When I saw who it was, even though I didn't know who he was or recognize him, I started to panic. He put his hand on my cheek and told me the one thing I was terrified of.

"I know you're a vampire." he whispered in my ear.

I knew it was over at that exact moment...

A/N: DUN DUN DUN! Hope you guys like it so far! I am writing with NO idea what to write, so I hope you like it.

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