Forever and Always

Alex Gonzalez is a 17 year old on the outside, but a 150 year old immortal. She has long dark brown hair and her eyes are golden. She lives with her immortal family, since her mortal family died a long time ago. Her "Sisters and Brothers" are Yazmine and Jonathan, Amelia and Ethan, and her "Mother and Father" Jackson and Amanda. When she meets an 18 year old mortal, everything changes. She starts to have feelings for the boy and knows it will not go well. She tries to avoid them but...well, you'll have to read to find out
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2. New Kid

Alex's P.O.V.

When the sun started to rise, I was just finishing reading my favourite book. I put it back on the bookshelf and got dressed in, a black tank top and and small baggy shirt on top, some dark skinny jeans, and a black denim jacket. I took a look in the mirror in my room to brush my hair I took a look at myself. My pale skin was at contrast with my dark clothing. I looked at my eyes. They were really dark. I made a mental note to myself to go hunting later after school. I went down stairs to check if Yasmine or Jonathan was down there. They both were, I guess I held them up. They were watching the news once I made my way to them.

"Hey Yazzy! Hey Jonathan!" I said. I almost yelled at them as I jumped up from behind the couch. However, as usual, they weren't surprised. They just turned off the TV and got up. "Anything interesting, Or are you just watching to pass the time?" I questioned. They rarely watched TV, let alone the NEWS.

"No, Just some really famous boy band coming to town." Yasmine answered. What? A boy band? What's a boy band?  I thought. "A boy band is a group of boys who sing." Yasmine answered. She has the ability to hear peoples thoughts, and she must of heard mine.

"Who are they? What do they call themselves?" I asked. I was walking towards the door and they followed and got into my car, a Mercedes S55 AMG. Once we got on the road to school, She told me the name of the band, which is One Direction, and their individual names. We had no idea what they looked like, at all, so we just left it at that. Once we got at school, we parked in the shadiest place possible. When we got out and I heard screaming. I thought I might of stepped into the light and identified myself for what I was. When I turned around, the screaming was directed at a black van. I was confused. But I went along with my day.

The bell rang once the van came to a stop, so I didn't get to see who came out. I was really curious and a little distracted. I walked straight to my first period, English, and went to my desk in the shadowy back. I pulled out my notebook and start scribbling in it. When the teacher called our attention, I didn't looked up because I didn't really care about school. Yeah, call me what you like but I don't give a damn

"Class, this is a new student. Tell them your name, son." Mr. Smith said. It was awhile before he said his name that I thought he had fainted.

"Hello, My name is Harry Styles." He announced, with pride and a British accent you  can fall asleep listening to. There were some loud screams at that point, but I blocked it out. I recognized the name from this morning, he and his friends must be the ones everyone is getting so worked up over. I got a smell of his scent, since the window was opened and it was breezy outside, and it was a mixture of roses and vanilla. It smelled amazing and took all my will power not to jump on him, since I would blow my cover. and I know what most of you are thinking. Sickos.

"Okay, Mr. Styles. You can go sit in the back next to Ms. Gonzalez. Raise your hand Ms. Gonzalez." Mr. Smith said, addressing me from my last name that made me look up but quickly back down. Every one raised their hand. Mr. Smith and Harry Styles laughed, even though there was nothing funny to my eyes."Very funny," Mr. Smith said. "Ms. Gonzalez?"

I stood up but kept my eyes on Mr. Smith. "Yes, Mr. Smith." I heard some people groan in sadness when I stood up and answered. Harry Styles came to sit next to me when it stopped, and once every one was settled down and seated, Mr. Smith got into a lecture. I started to scribble in my notebook again, but not before looking at the clock. I realized it was going to be a long day, and Harry Styles scent was making me loose my mind. Ugh. Forget a long day, it was going to be a long hour.

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