Forever and Always

Alex Gonzalez is a 17 year old on the outside, but a 150 year old immortal. She has long dark brown hair and her eyes are golden. She lives with her immortal family, since her mortal family died a long time ago. Her "Sisters and Brothers" are Yazmine and Jonathan, Amelia and Ethan, and her "Mother and Father" Jackson and Amanda. When she meets an 18 year old mortal, everything changes. She starts to have feelings for the boy and knows it will not go well. She tries to avoid them but...well, you'll have to read to find out
(A/N: I changed the title. Hope you like the story. Give me feedback if you don't. If not, just give me feedback. )


4. French in English

Alex's P.O.V.

During class, I tried my hardest to not kill the green eyed boy sitting next to me. Not because he was annoying, but because his scent was driving me insane. I literally wasn't breathing because of him. The burning in my throat was getting worse and I knew I had to leave; this is usually not a problem with the other students at school. What was going on? Is something wrong with my senses, or was I just not prepared as to my liking. Maybe it's because I haven't hunted in a while. Yeah, that's it. I am going to take today, tomorrow and the weekend off to hunt. I thought. I did that just in case Yazzy was listening. I was writing in French in my notebook. I can speak and write fluently in French, Spanish, and Latin. I heard Harry Styles heartbeat accelerate and his breathing pick up. Why was he nervous? I looked at him from the corner of my eyes and saw that he was reading over my shoulder. I looked back at what I was writing and quietly gasped at what I was writing. Then I regretted it, his scent was so strong because he was close.

I wrote: Il sent bon. (He smells delicious) In french I just gave myself away. I didn't even realize I wrote that. What's wrong with me?! I crossed it out five times and wrote: yeux verts. (green eyes) His heart beat didn't change and neither did his breathing. I wrote: Quel est le problème avec vous? (What is wrong with you?) He sucked in a breath and took my note book from me and wrote something in it. I was mad at first but when he gave it back I was confused. He had answered my question. No one talks to  me or my family because we are different. Yet here he is writing me a note.

Rien, pourquoi? Je vous dérange? (Nothing, why? Am I bothering you?) He is a sassy one.

Pas vraiment. Je me demandais juste. Pourquoi cherchez-vous à moi et à mon carnet de notes? (Not really. Just wondering. Why are you looking at me and my note book?) He grabbed my note book, wrote in it and gave it back.

Est-il contraire à la loi de regarder et de vous parler? (Is it against the law to look and talk to you?) I smiled at that. I found it funny that he didn't care.


Non, les gens ne sont généralement pas parler à moi ou ma famille. (No, people usually don't talk to me or my family. ) He gave me a confused look than took the note book from me.

J'aurais pensé au moins les gars seraient tous sur vous. (I would have thought at least the guys are all over you.) I smiled and looked at him. If I was human, I would've blushed. But since I am not, I can't. I wish I could do those things. I looked at the notebook and realized there was no more room. I flipped to the back of the page.

Non, pas même les gars. Ils pensent que nous sommes bizarre. (Not even guys. They think we're weird.) He read that than took the note book. His heart rate accelerated with every word he wrote. I got it back when he was done.

Peut-être qu'ils sont jaloux de ce que vous les gars sont beaux, et ils ne sont pas. (Maybe they are jealous that you guys are beautiful, and they aren't.) I was confused then realized he just called me beautiful. I was dumb-founded. No one calls me beautiful except Yazzy and Jonathan, and on occasion, Jackson and Amanda. I looked at him, just stared with a blank expression. He stared back. His expression was unreadable. His eyes seemed to be searching for something in mine. I felt the sudden urge to kiss him. Where did that come from?! I looked down at the paper listening to his heart beat alone.

Vous êtes un homme étrange. Savez-vous que? Personne d'autre que ma famille l'a dit. Il est très étrange. (You are a strange human. Do you know that? No one except my family has said that. It is very strange.) I gave it to him and looked at my necklace. ( His heart rate and breathing increased then the note book appeared in front of me.

Peut-être est étrange, c'est une bonne chose. (Maybe being strange is a good thing.) I was just staring at the paper. No one has done this what-so-ever before. No one has talked to me, called me beautiful, or whatever he is doing right now. I was about to right something, but the bell rang. I closed my note book and turned to look at Harry. He was stood up and watching me intently. His heart was going insane and his breathing was irregular.

"See you later, Harry." I said. His breath caught when he heard me speak at such a close range. Every body's does. Apparently my speaking is beautiful as Yazzy had told me countless times before. When he was out of his daze, he smiled a dimpled smile and nodded. I smiled back and his heart rate  began to go higher. I wondered if this was normal for him. To be nervous all the time. The urge to kiss him came back and with more force. So I did the stupidest thing I can think of. I took the smallest of breaths than the urge went way and a new one came. I smiled one more time then I quickly walked out of the class.


After French and Trig, it was time for lunch. Yazzy, Jonathan, and I went to the lunch room ordered a bunch of food, that will not be eaten, and went to go sit down. Harry never left my mind, and I guess Yazzy was listening because she knew about the whole thing. Even the me wanting to kiss him thing. I love her but she needs to but out, sometimes.

"Well, that was rude." Yazzy whispered to me. Oops.

"Sorry, I am a little on edge. He hasn't left my thoughts, which you know about, and his scent was so intoxicating. I used the smallest of breaths and I forgot about every thing but the thirst. What's my problem? I thought I was over this." I whispered back. It was good to be able to talk to her.

Then I smelled his scent, I instantly stopped breathing and turned my head down. The burning in my throat coming to the front of my head. I searched for his voice that I have only heard once. I didn't find it, but I found someone say his name.

"Harry, did you find that girl you saw this morning." The boy said. I was wondering what they were talking about.

"Yeah, She is in my first class so far. We were writing in French the whole time. Her voice was beautiful." Harry said. I tilted my head up a little so I can find the boy that matched the voice. I found him sitting across the room with four other guys. My chair was facing their table so I could see them, and they could see me. Well, sort of. They weren't paying attention to any one except for Harry. He was searching all over the lunch room. I listened to his heart and it was beating fast. When he saw me, he smiled his dimpled smile. A small smile appeared on my lips then I turned my head down. I tuned back into their conversation.

"Why were you writing in French." The boy said. He seemed awfully nosy for my liking. Maybe he was Harry's Yazzy. That might of been it. If I was Harry I wouldn't even be telling that guy anything. But than again, I don't know that guy.

"She wrote something in French in her note book that I didn't understand. Then she crossed it off and wrote something else in French. Then she wrote 'What's wrong with you' then I took her notebook and answered her question in French then we just started having a 'conversation' in French." Harry said. I was surprised that he remembered all of that. Well, most of that. I looked up a little, because I wanted to see his other friends, when I was met with captivating green eyes. I was overwhelmed, I looked at Yazzy for help. Read his thoughts, I want to know what he's thinking. Please? She nodded and looked at him. I did the same and was met with green eyes again. He was staring at me intently. As if I was going to jump up and run away as fast as I can. He just doesn't know that if I did that he wouldn't even see me jumping up. Or running.

"I wonder what she's thinking. It's probably something like 'What a freak! He needs to stop staring at me!'" Harry's friend said. Harry glared at him but looked back at me. I giggled and Harry smiled. I realized Yazzy hadn't said anything that was from Harry's thought's. I looked at her and saw she was glaring at Harry.

"What are you doing?!?" I whispered, at the speed and octave only our kind would hear. She snapped out of it and looked at me. She was upset about something. Not sad upset, mad upset.

"He is thinking about you. I do not like it. " She said at a human speed and whisper.  I peeked at him again and his expression was confused. "He wants to know whats going on." She told me. I just shook my head. Yazzy knew who I was talking to. He nodded in understanding.

"What do you mean by that, Yazzy?" I asked her seriously that and at the same speed and octave as she did, like a human. I looked at Harry the whole time and wondered what could have been going on in his head. Was it bad or good? Was it funny or creepy?

"He is just thinking about kissing you. Asking you out and you saying yes. His memory of your voice is poor compared to the real thing." She said. I had been a little embarrassed at the news of him wanting to kiss me. I wanted the same thing but knew I couldn't today.

I remembered that Biology was going to be really hard. I had to get out of it. I had to ditch, I was going to go insane especially in the state that was in. I wasn't going to go to that one class. It was the second to last class so it wasn't that bad of an idea. Next classes I have are Physical Education, Biology, and Advanced Geometry. I was going to do P.E. then ditch Bio and A.G.; It was Wednesday, so for the next two days I was going to go hunting and that included the weekend so when I come back on Monday I should be good whenever I am going to be around Harry.

While planning all of this out I was looking at my necklace. I was given this by my mortal father before I was changed into this devil body. His name was David and my mothers name was Alexandra. I was named after my mother and I was upset to see her and my father go. At the memory's, my eyes started to prick and I was gasping, a sign that said our kind was crying. Yazzy hugged me and Johnathan started to rub my arm. I heard Harry's fast and short breath without even looking at him. I knew he cared at least a little because of that.

"The bell's going to ring in few moment's." I said to my siblings. I had the small vision of every one crowding to leave. If you didn't know, I could see visions of the future based on peoples decisions. If the person changes there mind, then their future changes. So we all got up threw away all of the uneaten food and left. I hugged Yazzy goodbye and made my way to the gym for P.E. .


After P.E. I just left to my locker and put all of my things in there. I smelled a familiar strong scent and instantly stopped breathing. When I was finished I turned and was met with a pair of green eyes and a dimpled smile.

"What are you doing?" He asked in his deep British accent. He was acting sly and mischievous, I wondered what was going on in his head. It surprised me when his face was about five inches from mine.

"Going home. I don't feel so well. I won't be back until Monday." I said. I turned around and the question I wanted to ask forced me to face him. "What classes do you have?" I asked. He got out a paper from his back pocket and handed it to me. The paper said: English, Trig, French, Geometry, Biology, and Physical Education. We had two classes together. I gave it back to him and he smiled.

"We have English and Biology together. I have got to go now. Goodbye Harry, See you Monday." I said, turned and ready to leave, when something hot touched my arm then released it. I turned to see Harry's eyes wide.

"Um, can I ask you two questions?" He asked. I nodded my head, turning my body to face him. "Why are you so cold?" He asked, trying to hide his worry. I shrugged my shoulders. "Okay, then. What's your name?" He asked, pretty cheekily might I add.

"Alex. See you later, Harry." I said turning and leaving. When I got to my car I let out the breath I have been holding in. What was he doing to me?


I was out in the woods in Alaska, Yazzy had to go to school so she didn't come. I still had Harry on my mind when I was snapped out of it by the smell of a mountain lion and the thirst took over my senses. I chased down the smell and when I found it hunting prey of its own. Before it could pounce, I jumped on it. Knocking it down and sucking the life out of it. The thirst I had was slowly going away. It's a good thing that I can hunt for 96 hours instead of just 48. If that was the case, the thirst that I had would never go away. I was running through the trees looking for some big carnivorous prey, when a familiar scent entered my nose. I immediately ran faster. I looked around for fur of a bear. Once I saw it I ran and pounced on it. I bit down into the spot with the most blood. I sucked out as much of the blood that I can. The burning in my throat went away little by little with every kill I made. Before I knew it my phone buzzed signaling that it was time to go back.

I didn't notice that it was four days until I got home. The burning in my throat was almost invisible to me. I got home at the middle of the night, so I had a lot of time to kill. I didn't know what to do. I knew that if I let my mind wander, it would lead to Harry. I wanted to see him. So I told my family I was going to town to get some things, grabbed the keys and went to the garage. I got in my car, rolled down the windows about a fourth of a centimeter, and started out of the woods that surrounded my house.

Once I was out and on the dirt road, I searched for the familiar scent. I didn't know where he was or if he was still in town. Then, the scent hit my nose. For once, since he has been here, the burning in my throat was miner. I followed the scent to an apartment in the middle of town. I rolled up the window and hid the car, I didn't trust this part of town and was shocked that he does. I got out and locked the car. I followed his scent to the top floor. I climbed the wall because I didn't want to disturb him or his friends. When I got to his window it was left wide open. I quietly laughed, but was upset that he did that. I listened for a sound indicating that he or others were awake. When I heard nothing, I stepped on the fire escape. Not making a sound, I stepped inside and was shocked to find that the bed was right in the living room. He was there sleeping soundly. I went over to him. He was snoring slightly. I was reaching to touch him, but withdrew when I remembered that I was a lot colder than him. I just stood there watching him. I shook my head and started to make my way to the window, wondering why I even came here, when he said something.

"Alex." He said, groggily. I definitely thought he saw me so I turned back around. He was still sleeping. Who said my name? "Alex...come back. Don't go...I...ZZZ." He said. I thought he was still sleeping, so I decided to mess with him just a little as payback. I leaned down to the bed and rubbed his cheek gently.

"I won't go. Not as long as you'll want me." I said. He stirred a little at the sound of my voice, then a weak smile graced his face. I smiled at that, not believing he was dreaming of me.

"I'll always want you. I...ZZZ." He said. I rubbed his cheek again, and, this time, he moved his hand to touch mine. I panicked and took my hand back. When he touched his cheek and not my hand, he started to stir again. I slowly moved my hand to put it back on his but he moved on his other side. I decided that that was my que to leave. I made my way to the window in a moment that couldn't be seen by a human. I took a step outside and looked back at the sleeping curly-haired boy. I shook my head smiling and went back to my car. Tomorrow was going to be complicated.

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