We found love in a broken place


1. OuttA ha

my mom dyed giving birth too rylee my baby sister two years ago and now We are stuck here with him my dad he calls me butch I'm 14 .
Butch get your ass down here he yelled
I ran downstairs "yes sir?" take your stupid sister and make sinned and clean her!"
I took my baby sis and cleaned her I noticed a cut on her arms "ooh baby" I got her ready and went down stairs too seemhim sleeping I made supper and went with rylee up stairs I heard him leave I go downstairs too see a note 'clean up I'm going out and bee back too morrow'
Ye my only chance I went and packed 10pairs of clothes and my sisters clothes and I stoll money. I smashe a window and ran too the next town. I was tired of running so I went too a park and sat on a bench too think.
I took rylee to a mall and she saw a bear in a toy store I went too see the price and I put it back. I turned around too see a boy with blue eyes and blonde hair watching us so I got scared and went back to the park
Me: are you cold rylee?
ry: yes
I took my hoodie and put it around her. Go to sleep I whispered in her ear.I looked around and saw the boy coming up too us, he had a hand be hind his back I got scared
Boy: here I'm niall
He showed me the bear ry wanted. She woke up and was sooo happy it was so funny.
Me: thanks this is rylee she's two, and i don't have a name, my dad just calls me butch...but
We left him......
Niall: do you have anywhere to go?
I just shook my head and cryed...
Niall: do you no who I am?
I shook my head..
Niall: I'm in a band one direction and wer touring with aanother band emblem three. Come with me you can stay with us.
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