Change My Mind


3. Bad News

Niall's POV

 "Mum, whats wrong," I asked my mum, I had woken up ready for a normal Wendsday morning, but when I weet out of my room and a saw a red eyed, tear streaked mum, I knew something was very wrong.

"Get in  the car," was all my mum said. "But mum , we'll be way to early for school And im still in my pajamas. My mum shoved some nandos take out in my lap. That shut me up. " I have something very upsetting to tell you, Niall," my mum told me. "we're going to pick up Paris at the airport. "thats great!!!," I say, my mouth still full of food, Para wold be coming!!. "Wait, but what about her parents?" 

"Well, thats the bad news'', my mum said, her voice was trembling and I could tell that she was  holding back tears. "they just recently passed away in a horrible car crash" I spat my food back onto my lap, literally. "What???" I asked. "... I know...'" my mum said. Suddenly I felt sick. I tried to hold back the lump in my throat (and the food in my stomach), to stay strong for my mum, but I just couldn't (fortunatly, the food did stay down). Poor Para, she had already had a rough past, this would just be so hard for her. 

We were silent for the rest of the drive. I watched the snow flakes melt and turn into water droplets and scooped away by the wind sheild wiper. it was so unfair, how could they could be scooped away just like that, just like the lives of Aunt Marie and Uncle Todd.


Eventually, we got t the airport. It was pretty big, but I knew my way around it by heart, because I traveled a lot in between my Mum and my Dad's house. I lead the way through the airport until we got to gate C, The flight from Vancouver. We got there just in time. As soon as I saw her, I couldn't help but to start crying. I looked over at my Mum and saw that she was already suffocating Para in one of her bear hugs. 

Afterwards, Para ran straight into my arms

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