Change My Mind


2. A Sheet of Snow


Parsi/Para's POV  "This is the last call for boarders to Ireland " was what I woke up to. Oh no, how could I be so stupid? I quickly ran onto the plane and threw my self into my seat, then I remembered my dream. It was horrible, I dreamt that my family had died in a car crash. Wait... That seemed Familiar, oh, my god it wasn't a dream. The grief hit me like a bullet, and that bullet decide to go away until I fell into a dreamless sleep.   A few hours  into the flight, I decided to go on my iPhone. I had forgotten to turn on airplane mode and saw that I had 2 new voicemails, and 6 new texts, my friends must have been worried about me. I wondered if they knew. I didn't check the texts because there was a flight attendant near by and I didn't want her to see, so I just turned airplane mode on and put my music on shuffle. When "someone like you"  by Adele came on, it just made me even more sad.  A very cute blond flight attendant asked me if I wanted anything to drink. It was just then that I realized I hadn't eaten anything since the last morning that my parents were alive, but I still wasn't hungry. Oh well, it must be some kind of grieving symptom." no thanks", I said, and winked, just for good measure. "oh, ok then", the cute guy said, and walked away, not even acknowledging my wink. I felt loved.  I woke up to "call me maybe" by Carly Rae Jephsen and checked the time. It was only half an hour until the plane landed! I decided to go freshen up. I went into the washroom and washed my face. I had deep blue eyes, outlined with long eyelashes. I had clear, naturally tan skin (but my face was a bit blotchy from crying), and slightly pink cheeks. I had golden blonde hair, and I always teased Niall about having to dye his hair the colour that mine was naturally. But , really, I was nothing special. I was actually kind of ugly, I thought, especially with my scar. My gaze dropped down to the large scar on my neck. I quickly looked away, not wanting to relieve bad memories. I put on a layer of mascara and my oh, so precious baby lips lip balm. I brushed my hair. Feeling refreshed, I went back to my seat . I looked out the window and saw Ireland covered in a sheet of snow. I felt a bump as the plane landed.   I saw my Auntie Maura and Niall waiting for me through the window, and I practically ran through the snow in my little ballet flats.  As soon as I got inside, Auntie Maura gave me a big hug, both her and Niall were crying, obviously for multiple reasons. As soon as I was released from my Aunties bear hug, I ran into Niall's arms and buried my face in his shoulder, and, big surprise here, he smelled like food.   Authors Note!! hey!  if you like this, Please please please keep on liking and favoriting! and tell ayone ou know with movellas to try reading it! Bye! i hope you like this chapter
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