Im Not The Girl

Im not the girl who will make you happy. Wipe your tears and be there for you. No matter what. Im just not the girl your looking for.


2. Im Not The Girl

Yes I believe in love at first sight

But not with you

My eyes are beautiful

I'm not the girl for you


I won't make you sad

I'm not your girl

I won't make you laugh

I'm not your girl


I will not be next to you

I'm not that girl

You won't wake to see

I'm not that girl


I will not be close

I'm not that girl

I have not won you over

I'm in love with another


A long song it may be like

But you proved to be

Someone I can live without

Our feelings will not grow


They left a long time ago

When you started putting my friends down

I knew you was not who I thought you was

You made me lose one of my best friends


Your dreams won't come true

I'm not here and never will be

If your life is shattered, you did it yourself

You won't see me

With each passing day..........

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