Im Not The Girl

Im not the girl who will make you happy. Wipe your tears and be there for you. No matter what. Im just not the girl your looking for.


1. Im Not The Girl Part 1

You do not mean the world to me

You are like the others

Short and sweet

I'll make this simple


Your not special to me

I'm not here because I have to be

I'm not proud to be here

Or at time of need


I will not one day be your girl

Nothing will come true

I don't need your wishes

I won't look into your eyes


I won't  smoothe your pains

I won't look into your heart

I know it's been torn

I know it has been shattered


I don't have feelings for you

I don't know what to say

You don't mean anything to me

I want you to know


I don't need you to stay

I will smile it is a nice day

There is no other reason

For you to make me laugh


I know I am beautiful

No thanks to you

I don't have any doubts

Because you won't hurt me


You don't have to tell me why

I don't have doubts

I will not cry because of you

You will never break my heart


I don't need your promises

It will not be special

This will not go anywhere

I just want you to know

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