The Fake In The Death

Based on the episode The Wannabe In The Weeds when Booth is shot and his death is faked.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bones


1. Chapter 1

Booth was dead. Gone forever.
Brennan sat in her chair staring blankly at the wall.
Nothing to do. The only thing that was worth anything was work. But Cam had made her go home.
Memories of the first kiss, laughs they shared and good times. Did any of that mean anything anymore?
Her phone rang. "Call from Angela." Caller ID blurted out.
Brennan didn't bother answering it.
15 minutes later, Brennan heard Angela knock on the door.
She didn't let her in, but Ange had a key.
Brennan felt a hand on her shoulder.
Angela was interrupted by sudden whimper and then tears from Brennan.
She sat down next to her.
"Sweetie I know how much it hurts."
"No, you don't. I loved Booth but now he's gone and I can't tell him that."
Angela just hugged her friend.
Sweets had an idea.
He wasn't to tell Brennan that Booth was alive.
This would test her feelings toward him.
Sweets looked down at the sheet of paper full of names to contact and explain about Booth.
He crossed out Hodgins, Cam, Brennan, and Angela.
Angela spent the night on Brennan's couch.
Neither of them slept.
She could hear Brennan's cries from her room, but when she tried to go in found the door locked.
Angela tried again.
"Sweetie! Will you let me in?"
"Leave me alone."
She turned, shrugged her shoulders and left.
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