Forbiddingly Seeing You and One Direction

"Are you still mad at me?" Dylan asks.

I shake my head and smile.

"Good. Then I can do this without you yelling at me."
He says. He kisses me. Now that neither of us was shocked or surprised. It was beautiful. It was like it was my first kiss.

One of a kind.
Like that one dime in a stack of pennies. Only to me, it was priceless. Like it'd never happen again.
But stories about a princess and a prince falling in love NEVER have happy endings.

This is no Romeo and Juliet story, mainly because no one dies in the end but mostly because I never wanted to be like this in the first place.

This is the story of an ordinary boy and and ordinary girl but in unordinary propositions.

This is a story about being sneaky, smart, young, and of royal families. This is about ending a stone-aged war, sneaking in castles in the night, wanting to be normal, going undercover, but most of all this is the story of us. By us I mean Dylan, 1 Direction, and me.

Hi, I'm Kayla. When I was just six my mom told me the story of why the Lordax Kingdom (my kingdom) and the Dalmanac Kingdom have been at war. Now it's up to me and Dylan. Oh and One Direction, to stop the war.


14. Royally Confused


Chapter 13 

Royally Confused


I look at Dylan once more and see that he's smiling. What? Why would he be smiling? He motions for me to go on.

"Do you Kayla take Ben to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I-I-I," Dylan do something.

"Help! Help!" Dylan yells.

Louis, who I didn't notice was sitting on the pews, stands up and rips his shirt. Revealing a Superman shirt. What?

"I'll help you citizen!" He calls.

This grabs the guards attention and they look away from Sarah. Harry appears from behind them and pushes him away from Sarah. A single shot fires. Everything seems as if its going in slow motion.

The shot fires at me.

"No!" Dylan yells. He jumps in front of the shot and he falls to the floor.

"Dylan!" I scream. Running to his side. "No!"

"Dylan, you can't die on my! Don't you die on me!" My tears drop on his tux. "Please don't leave me. I love you so much," I rest my head by his. "Please stay with me. I need you,"

By now everyone had gathered around us. Sarah was laying on Dylan. I knew this was exceptionally hard for her. She's lost so many people in her life.

The boys gathered around us. But right now to me, it was just me and Dylan. No body else. Looks like Superman, can't save us now.

But this is what I was talking about when I said that stories about a princess and prince falling in love, never have happy endings.

"I love you too Kayla," Dylan says.

"Dylan! Your okay!" I scream with joy.

"Yah. I just blacked out for a second," he answers. "But Louis, this is beyond repair," he reaches into his tux pocket and produces a walkie-talkie.

"The bullet kinda destroyed it," he continues.

"Oh Dylan!" I wrap him in a hug. 

"Don't ever do that again!"

Dylan clears his throat. "Kayla will you marry me?" He asks.

"Yes!" I yell. I wrap him in in even tighter hug. Maybe this can be a happy ending!

"That's it! Tera, the deals off!" Jerry yells. "Everyone! Tera started the rumor when Kayla was born. The rumor that the Dalamanac stole from the Lordax. She wanted to keep Kayla away from the Dalamanac, because she's jealous of Dylan's mom. She wanted a boy. But instead, she had Kayla,"

What!? So she doesn't like me? She wanted a boy! Not me?

"Just. Take me away from this Dylan," I burry my head in his shoulder.

He grabs my hand, and I grab Sarah's hand. The boys, Sarah and I, all leave. I'm not EVER, going back!





"Do you Dylan, take Kayla, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"Do you really need to ask these questions?" he replies. "I do,"  


I giggle. Dylan kisses me.

"Dylan, you're supposed to save that till after the vows," I laugh.

"Do you Kayla, take Dylan, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," I reply.

"Alright. Now you can kiss the bride Dylan,"

I'll remember this moment forever. And all the moments I shared with Dylan. And the boys. And Sarah. Just give me a moment to remember them all.

"THERE'S DYLAN!" A girl yells.

Not these brats again...




So I guess I've got to add more to that list of things I didn't know about yet. I've also got to make a list of things that are the best in my life. Only one things goes on there though. That's Dylan. He's the best thing in my life.

He's cheated death 2 times in the time that I've know him. And I've cheated death once. I've gotten into a lot of trouble with him. Like 2 days ago, we were behind bars for not adopting Sarah and just keeping her. Luckily Sarah came through for us.

But as of now I'm having the time of my life. Nothing could possibly go wrong. And I know I'm not speaking too soon. I'm no longer a princess, and Dylan is no longer a Prince. He gave up his royalty for me. It doesn't surprise me though.

Oh but this isn't the ending of the story of us.

Did I mention how long ago it was that we got married? 7 years. So now I'm 23. Gosh I'm getting old. Dylan's 24. He doesn't look or act a day over 5 though.

Did I mention Cassie or Jayden either?

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