Forbiddingly Seeing You and One Direction

"Are you still mad at me?" Dylan asks.

I shake my head and smile.

"Good. Then I can do this without you yelling at me."
He says. He kisses me. Now that neither of us was shocked or surprised. It was beautiful. It was like it was my first kiss.

One of a kind.
Like that one dime in a stack of pennies. Only to me, it was priceless. Like it'd never happen again.
But stories about a princess and a prince falling in love NEVER have happy endings.

This is no Romeo and Juliet story, mainly because no one dies in the end but mostly because I never wanted to be like this in the first place.

This is the story of an ordinary boy and and ordinary girl but in unordinary propositions.

This is a story about being sneaky, smart, young, and of royal families. This is about ending a stone-aged war, sneaking in castles in the night, wanting to be normal, going undercover, but most of all this is the story of us. By us I mean Dylan, 1 Direction, and me.

Hi, I'm Kayla. When I was just six my mom told me the story of why the Lordax Kingdom (my kingdom) and the Dalmanac Kingdom have been at war. Now it's up to me and Dylan. Oh and One Direction, to stop the war.


7. Royal Mustaches and Janitor Suits

Chapter 6

Royal Mustaches and Janitor Suits

Not Edited

"You do drive right?" I asked Niall.

"Of course. As far as you know." He replied.

"What?" I said. Not sure of his answer.

"Nothing. I do drive."

"Good. Alright lets go."



So we drove on and on.

I could see that Niall was trying his best not to stop at the Nando's we just passed.

"Hey Niall, you can stop at Nando's if you want but you have to make it quick." I said. After a long awkward silence.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yah. But you have to make it really quick."


Before I knew it we were in the Nando's parking lot and I was waiting for him to come out.

"Is he ordering the whole restaurant?" I yelled impatiently.

Then I heard the crackling of leaves.

"Niall, is that you?" I asked worriedly.

I locked the doors. Being the blonde I am I didn't realize the windows were down. Crap, I'm screwed!

"Niall, this is not funny!" I said. Scrunching down in my seat.

Wait a minuet that's not crunching leaves! That's somebody eating a taco!

I looked out the window. Sure enough a hobo was sitting on the curb munching on a taco. Gosh, I feel stupid. What a blonde I am.

Finally Niall came out. Munching on whatever food he had. Made me wonder how a hobo could get a taco.

"What took you so long?" I asked, annoyed.

"Well a hobo took my taco and I was looking for him all over the place and when I couldn't find him I have up and I had to find another taco." He said.

Should I tell him about the hobo I saw? Naw.

"Okay well lets go." I said.

"Oh! Wait guess what I got you?" He said. Bouncing on the seat.


"Yup!" he pulled out a kids meal.

"Thanks." I pulled out the toy.

"Hey Niall, the toy is a fake mustache! Thanks Niall!" I said. Giving him a hug.

"No problem." He said.

"Okay, so let report back to the boys." Niall said.

"Good idea."

/\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\/\


Zayn and Louis were back at the castle when we got there.

"Any sign of Liam, Harry, or Dylan?" I asked.

"Nope." Zayn said.

"Did you get the fishing pole?" I asked.

"Yah." Louis said.

"Lets make a list of what we need." Zayn suggested.

"Okay. But with what?" I asked.

"I have paper and a pencil!" Louis announced pulling them out I his pocket.

"Again. How why do you have paper and a pencil in your pocket?"

I asked.

"And again. Don't judge!" He said.

The list looked kinda like this:

What we need

Niall Smells

- Louis

• Ducktape

• Fishing pole

• Mustache

• Janitor Suit

• Rope

• Shopping Cart

Then Louis pulled out more paper and crayons and markers and started drawing themselves on paper. Genius.

"Hey Kayla, I drew you!" Niall said. Holding up a child-like drawing.

I took it from his hands. Nobody had ever drawn a picture of me before.

"Thanks Niall." I said.

"It's beautiful."

"Aw it's not that good."

He replied.

"No really it lo-"

"We are back!" Harry announced.

"Harry!" Louis called. Running up to hug him.

"I drew a picture of you!"



"Okay guys we have everything. Now here is the plan." Dylan announced.

"Does it involve food?" Niall asked.

"No!" we all exclaimed.

"Any way here is what we do. First everybody put everything in the shopping cart." So we all did.

"Okay Kayla, you will be what I'm gonna call Ninja K. Hmmm who would make a good janitor. Liam. Your janitor. So put the mustache and janitor suit on."

"Now the plan is that Kayla is gonna be strapped to the fishing pole with Ducktape. We will lower her down to her room.Liam will distract anyone who try's to come to her room saying that they are cleaning. We will use the rope to get Kayla down and the shopping cart to hold everything."

"Alright lets get started" Louis said. Enthusiastically.

"Okay let's go."

So we climbed to the top of my castle, where we found a duct leading strait down to my room. Then came the Ducktape.

"You weigh more than you look." Louis said as him and Harry lowered me down to my room.

"Whatever." I replied. Not wanting to argue.

Then I grabbed everything I needed and packed it all in my yellow suitcase. Then I went down to the basement and grabbed the supplies.

"Okay I'm ready to go up." I said. Tugging on the line. They dropped the rope down. I

climbed up carefully.

"You can't go I'm there right now sir. We are cleaning." I heard Liam say.

"I have to go in there. I need to see my daughter."

Dad. I thought.

"One minuet sir, I'll

See if they are done."

"Hurry Kayla. It's your dad."

"Okay tell him your not down then climb down the trellis." I said quickly.

"Alright. We are not done sir" Liam announced as he ran towards the window and climbed down the trellis. I quickly climbed up the rope.

Finally I got to the top and they pulled the rope up.

"That was a close call." I said.

"Now lets get down from here."

So we did. Then we lived happily ever after.


Just kidding.

"Hey where is Liam?" Zayn asked.

"Right here" Liam said. Running toward us.

"Okay let's to back to our place." Harry said.

"Yeah let's go before something bad happens." Niall said.



We all went to their house.

"What do you wanna do now?" Harry asked.

"Let play Monopoly!" Louis suggested.

"What's wrong with Niall?" I asked. He was just looking out the window.

"He still thinks the guy across the street is the ice cream man and that he doesn't want to give Niall ice cream." Liam said.

"Niall, he is not the ice cream man!" Liam yelled.

"As far as you know. He just doesn't want to give me ice cream!" Niall said.

"Hey Niall! Incoming!" Harry yelled. Throwing a plastic bag with Ice cream in it at Niall.

He caught it without looking back.

"Ice cream!" Niall yelled. Opening the package.

"Ice cream too!" Louis screamed.

This is gonna be a long night.



"Hey, guys I'm gonna go to bed."

"What it's only 2 in the morning!" Niall protested.

"Exactly." I said.

"Wait what about goodnight kisses?" Dylan said with a smirk.

"Yah?" Everyone else said.

I sighed. "Only on the cheek." I moaned.

"Works for me." Niall said.

"Goodnight Liam." I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Goodnight Harry." I said. Kissing him on the cheek too.

"Goodnight Louis."

"Goodnight Zayn."

"Goodnight Niall."

"Goodnight Dylan."

As I went in to kiss him in the cheek he turned his head. I saw him and leaned back.

"Looks like Dylan want more than a kiss on the cheek." Zayn muttered. Nudging Liam.

"Dylan you won't get a kiss on the cheek." I said.

"Fine. I'll be good."

"Okay then."

I kissed him on the cheek.

"Night Kayla." Dylan said.

"Night." I said. Then I trudged upstairs.
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