Forbiddingly Seeing You and One Direction

"Are you still mad at me?" Dylan asks.

I shake my head and smile.

"Good. Then I can do this without you yelling at me."
He says. He kisses me. Now that neither of us was shocked or surprised. It was beautiful. It was like it was my first kiss.

One of a kind.
Like that one dime in a stack of pennies. Only to me, it was priceless. Like it'd never happen again.
But stories about a princess and a prince falling in love NEVER have happy endings.

This is no Romeo and Juliet story, mainly because no one dies in the end but mostly because I never wanted to be like this in the first place.

This is the story of an ordinary boy and and ordinary girl but in unordinary propositions.

This is a story about being sneaky, smart, young, and of royal families. This is about ending a stone-aged war, sneaking in castles in the night, wanting to be normal, going undercover, but most of all this is the story of us. By us I mean Dylan, 1 Direction, and me.

Hi, I'm Kayla. When I was just six my mom told me the story of why the Lordax Kingdom (my kingdom) and the Dalmanac Kingdom have been at war. Now it's up to me and Dylan. Oh and One Direction, to stop the war.


8. Royal Drama

Chapter 7
Royal Drama

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"Hey Liam, what room am I supposed to sleep in!" I called downstairs.

"Why did you ask him?" Niall asked.

"Because out of all you boys, he is the most responsible."

"The quest room. The room to your left!" Liam answered.

"What way is left?"

"Really Kayla?"

"Never mind!"

I walked into the quest room and plopped down on the bed.
It's been a long day.

Meanwhile downstairs, Harry was giving Dylan some advice.

"Dylan, you need to make a move on Kayla. Lets face it, if you really like her you'd make the first move. Always." Harry said.

"What should I do?" Dylan asked.

"You need to just let your words lead you. Some things just don't happen right away. Go talk to her." He replied.

So Dylan trudged upstairs.



I heard a knock on the door.

"Yah?" I muttered, sleepily.

"Uh I, I just wanted to say goodnight again." Dylan replied.

"Night." I said.

"Night," Dylan said.



"Hey Kayla." Niall said as he walked in the next morning.

"Hey Niall." I said, sitting up.

"So, the boys wanted me to come and get you. They want you to see something." He said. Sounding worried.

"Alright." I yawned. Stepping out into the hallway.

"Harry, Kayla's down here now. Rewind the TV." Louis said. Sounding serious.

Okay there is something wrong here. So far I've gotten the impression that Louis is NEVER serious!

"Word has it that Kayla princess of the Lordax is missing. Along with Dylan. Her mom and dad say the only evidence they have of her being gone, is her yellow suitcase missing. If anyone had any information as to where Kayla is please call: (638) 253-24540. Thanks you, back to you Shelly." The news reporter Jack Hoffen said.

"Breaking news Maddona has a new tattoo. But where? Stay tu-" Shelly said before Harry shut the TV off.

"Niall what are you doing?" Liam asked. Looking over at Niall.
We all turned our gazes to Niall.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm calling the number to tell them information on Kayla's location." Niall answered.

"Niall no! We can't let them know where she is at!" Liam yelled.

"Oh, right."

"What do we do now. Everybody is looking for Kayla and me now. We probably can't even show our faces on the street with out being mobbed or torn apart." Dylan said.

"We can change our names and move to Alabama." Niall said.

"I'm ignoring that Niall. You guys can stay here until we get your plan done." Liam said

"Sounds good to me." I said.

"But for now, we have a place to be. We have a concert. It's a ways away." Liam announced.

"I'm going with you," I said.

"I don't trust being alone with Dylan."



Finally, the driver came to come and get us. We all hopped in the car. I wondered by one of the boys didn't just drive there. Maybe they are just lazy. Yah,that's it.

I sat next to Dylan and Niall sat next to me. Harry had called dibs on the front seat.

At first I was slightly entertained because the boys started singing. After they had sung it again and again, I had picked up the words so I started singing with them.

�� It feels like we've been living in fast forward, another moment passing by. The party's ending but it's now or never, nobody's going home tonight. ��

After a while, it got kinda boring. I ended up falling asleep. I leaned on Dylan's shoulder and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.



When I woke up Niall was asleep on my shoulder and Dylan was asleep with his head on mine. I never noticed how cute he was when he slept.

I twirled a piece of his hair with my finger. He is so peaceful when he's not awake. But then again, without Dylan I wouldn't be here right now. I'd probably be home being stupid. A sudden voice interrupted the peace.

"What is up with you and Dylan?" Liam asked.

"Not that it's any of my business," he said, looking away.

"Well really, I don't know," I replied.

"I think Dylan likes me though. He makes it really obvious."

"The question is, do you like him?"

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