Forbiddingly Seeing You and One Direction

"Are you still mad at me?" Dylan asks.

I shake my head and smile.

"Good. Then I can do this without you yelling at me."
He says. He kisses me. Now that neither of us was shocked or surprised. It was beautiful. It was like it was my first kiss.

One of a kind.
Like that one dime in a stack of pennies. Only to me, it was priceless. Like it'd never happen again.
But stories about a princess and a prince falling in love NEVER have happy endings.

This is no Romeo and Juliet story, mainly because no one dies in the end but mostly because I never wanted to be like this in the first place.

This is the story of an ordinary boy and and ordinary girl but in unordinary propositions.

This is a story about being sneaky, smart, young, and of royal families. This is about ending a stone-aged war, sneaking in castles in the night, wanting to be normal, going undercover, but most of all this is the story of us. By us I mean Dylan, 1 Direction, and me.

Hi, I'm Kayla. When I was just six my mom told me the story of why the Lordax Kingdom (my kingdom) and the Dalmanac Kingdom have been at war. Now it's up to me and Dylan. Oh and One Direction, to stop the war.


15. Epilogue


"Jayden! Stop jumping on the couch!" I yell. 

"Okay mom," he sits down.

"Dylan, can you make Cassie a bottle?" I ask.

"Sure babe," he winks.

I sit down on the couch next to Jayden. Cassie gurgles happily in my arms. Dylan tosses the bottle and I catch it. 

I put the bottle in Cassie's mouth and she drinks the milk happily. She is such a happy baby

I hear a knock at the door. 

"Come in!" I call.

"Hey!" Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam call as they enter the door.

"Hey guys!" Dylan calls.

"Have you figured out what your new baby is?" Liam asks.

"It's a boy," I reply.

Now you know this whole story. Well my story of course. But for Cassie and Jayden, it's only just the beginning. As for Sarah, well Sarah is staying with the boys. We still see her but, Liam really grew fond of her. So did the other boys. 

So this is THE END for me and Dylan. Well at least that's what I thought.

With love,


A\N: I have a challenge for you guys. Write one word in the comments describing this story. If you'd like. Until then, I have this to say I've had an amazingly fun time writing this story. It's gone places I never thought it'd go. So all I have to say is thank you. :') I'm really gonna miss this story. But this isn't all you'll be seeing of Kayla and the boys. I couldn't do that to myself. So yes, there will be a sequel. I'll post it when I'm done torturing you people with my great cliffhanger to this. It would make me so happy if you could comment on this chapter. Just so I know who read it. It'd make me EXTREMELY happy!!!

Hailee, Kayla, Dylan, Sarah, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Cassie, Jayden and last but not least those hater girls. *takes deep breath*

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