Dark Manor

Gary Reynolds is corrupt private investigator constantly under the shadow of his older brother Rick. When he gets the chance to solve the murder of Sir Francis Darwin and is offered 200 million pounds for solving the case he snaps it up immediatly. However when he gets there he discovers things are not as they seem...


3. The offer ( continued )

"You failed us ," said the intruder. Gary recognised the voice as that of Shakes the man who had originally found him. "The Dons son was recently tried and now facing prison thanks to you messing up," said Shakes. "Now we have delayed this long enough. Get ready to die" Gary closed his eyes preparing for the inevitable end that was to come. A shot rang out and someone slumped to the floor. But it wasn't Gary. He opened his eyes. There standing in the doorway was Rick. "I just got a business offer and decided you should tag along little bro." Rick looked at Shakes who was groaning weakly on the floor. "You should finish him off ," noted Rick before tossing the gun to Gary and walking out the room. "Let me live please I will get the Don to take the hit off you ," pleaded Shakes. The floor was slick with his blood. " Sorry ," said Gary giving him a mercy shot to the head then following his brother.


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