Dark Manor

Gary Reynolds is corrupt private investigator constantly under the shadow of his older brother Rick. When he gets the chance to solve the murder of Sir Francis Darwin and is offered 200 million pounds for solving the case he snaps it up immediatly. However when he gets there he discovers things are not as they seem...


1. The corrupt Private eye

Gary Reynolds wasn't a lucky man. He had a older brother who liked to beat him at everything. Gary would try to win something like a game show or he would get a new dog then his brother Rick would win more more money and get a dog. He became a private investigator Rick did the same. He got a good case with good pay and his brother beat him to the punch. Gary was going broke. He had to do something. Thinking about it he did have some underworld connections. He could be like one of those corrupt cops. Fail the cases, spoil the evidence and get paid for it. He smiled. This might be good.

                         1 Month Later

Gary was scared. He knew not to deal with the mafia but it was the only way possible. The other crime orginisations wouldn't deal with him thinking he was a plant by the FBI. Don Velucci had got a man named Shakes to find him. All he had to do was plant a gun used by one of the Dons men to kill a politician on the politician's rival. He would solve the case get both money offers and be happy for a few months. But it was stopped by his brother. Rick had guessed that the gun may have been a plant and proceded to find the killer. There was a knock at the door. Gary opened the door then had the shock of his life as he stared down the long, dark barrel of a gun...    

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