The Fight for Love

Minka is the typical nineteen-year old girl. She has a job and friends, she just wants to fit in. But what happens when she runs in to the boy of her dreams? Will he be hers, or will the fight for love be too much? Especially when this boy has a hidden secret that no one knows.


1. The Boy

"Minka! I need a double shot expresso, with extra cream!"

This was my life, I had a crummy, minimum wage paying, job at Starbucks. I also had a manager barking orders at me 24/7... all day, everyday.

I quickly filled up a measuring cup with the coffee grounds, and threw them into the processor, then added a little cream to the mix. I tossed my angered manager, Jen, a bill for the order then swiftly walked back to the stocked shelves of different spices, napkins, lids, and other necessities for the store. I grabbed the cinnamon off of the shelf and, and set it off to the side. I took out the expresso from the processor, dumped it in a to-go cup, and put in a dash of cinnamon before slamming on the lid. I slid the cup down the counter to Jen, and wondered around the store aimlessly, pickinup menus off of tables, before wiping them down with a rag. 

'Minka, I'm taking my break!" Jen yelled. I never really understood what Jen meant by "break", because I thought breaks were short amounts of time an employees took off to get lunch or to take a phone call, but according to Jen that's not how it works. I practically get the store to myself for two or three hours when Jen goes on her so-called "breaks", but I couldn't really say anything about it...she was the owner of the store's daughter.

"Whatever!" I called back. I could see Jen in the break-room taking off her Starbucks apron and hat, I hated our uniforms. I dashed up to the register, as Jen walked out of the back door, to fill yet another customer's order. 

"Hello, and welcome to Starbucks. What would you like today?"

I barely even glanced up at the tall stranger before taking his order. He was tan, had blonde hair, by the looks of it was around the same age as me, and had gorgeous blue eyes, but that was what typical boys in Florida looked like

"Ugh...I'll take a black coffee for here, and how about your number?" I quickly wrote down his order, then processed what I actually heard him say.

"Excuse me?"

I could see the the boy start to blush, "Never mind, i'll just take that black coffee to go."

I smiled to myself, this boy was pretty cute, there was just something about him, that made me not take my eyes off of him.

"Your order will be ready in a few." I announced before running towards the back to make his drink. I quickly got the coffee made, and put the lid on, and pulled out a black sharpie,before writing my number on the side of the coffee cup. I rang up his order, and handed him his bill and coffee before ringing up other customers orders, I didn't think much about giving him my number that day...I didn't even think he would call me back.



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