love conquers all; even time

we all know the classic tradgedy of Romeo and his lover Juliet but what happens after people move on from their death's.....
the year is 1996 and Isabella is the only descendant of Juliet Capulet. and isabella thinks that there is a curse on her family because of how much Romeo and Juliet loved each other and it turns out that she might be right.......... will she end up just like Juliet or will she find a way to break the curse before it's to late?


2. modern romeo and juliet

   As I walked past the statue of my very great grandmother in Verona Italy I wondered what it was like to be in love? Did it hurt? Is it sad? Is it happy? All of these questions I did not know. You see I am the only living relative of Juliet Capulet even how distant it is I am of her blood. My name is Isabella and I am 16 years old. About the age that dear sweet innocent Juliet got married, and very famously, killed herself. Juliet's parents after Juliet had died conceived a son, and his name was Roberto he was a very handsome boy and grew into a strong Capulet. After Mrs. and Mr. Capulet died Roberto found a beautiful bride but sadly was bitten by a spider, Roberto found another bride even more beautiful than the late Mrs. Capulet, and she to died under mysterious circumstances also. Then he met a prostitute on the streets and had a quite scandalous relationship. He married he of course. And they lived happily ever after but not for long. Now this is not the end of this story, and to fully understand it you must know my family background and history. When I was little my father before he died always spoke on how love was a curse on our family, and that anyone who falls madly, passionately, and unconditionally in love, must die just like the infamous Romeo and Juliet. This was highly scoffed at and just a bedtime stories to tell children. But I think that the curse might be real. My parents died because of their love, and my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all of my cousins have all perished because of love. I think that the whole idea of love is completely absurd, and gets to much attention in the modern day world!! With that being said I do wish to be in love one day, but without the "curse" getting in the way.  As I walk along the cobblestone pathways leading up to my favorite rose garden I drop my journal that I write all thoughts feelings and other encounters in. I pick it up briskly making sure that nobody says the contents of my precious journal. A dorky looking young man comes up to me and asks,


"Where did you get that journal?" I reply,

 "Oh this was a family heirloom passed down from generation the generation."

 He looks at my strange awkward face and physique with awe and wonder. And holds up the exact same journal. "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?"  I ask in almost a rage

  " Like you said passed down right?"

He walks down to my favorite flower picks it and gives me it. A yellow rose. Each rose has a meaning a yellow rose in particular means love, which is never a good sign for my family.  "What is your name?" He asks me

"I'm Isabella Capulet"

 He looks at me as if I just told him a lie and can see the surprise in his face

"Yes that's my real name and yes I am related to Juliet Capulet

" Really?? Because my name is Daniel MONTAGUE!"

  "And are you the only living relative of Romeo Montague?" I ask

"Yes I am" he replied

We sit down at a local gelato place and tells me almost the exact same story my dad told me; Romeo's parent conceived a daughter and was very beautiful then married twice but both husbands both died under mysterious circumstances. She married a general and fell passionately in love they had around 6 kids and well Daniel is related to one of them. He was an orphan when he was 14, just like me.

  "How old are you?"

 I ask wanting to know more about the boy whose life mimics mine. As I look into his light blue eyes I can see the pain that his smile hides. I can see the scars that are not there, and I know the pain that he went through because I know the feeling all to well.

"I'm 17 turning 18 in September"

 He replies in almost sorrow. We talk a lot until the shop closes, mostly about family and troubled times we went through. I have really gotten to know Daniel and it seems that he has gotten to know me really well in the short period of time that we've known each-other.

"Where is your house?”

 I ask assuming that he got his family’s house when they all died like I did. 

"Oh well I sold the house because it had to many memories in it, I live in the streets."

 My heart fell to my stomach I wanted to cry. He has gone through so much more than me and it made me feel guilty.

" Well if you want to you can stay with me my house is actually right around the corner."

I wanted to help him so bed and maybe we could help each other to.

"I would like that very much! Thank you!"

 I couldn't help but think that this was the first time since he was 14 that he had a friend. As we walk towards my house it starts to rain really hard. He gives me his leather jacket to cover my head so that my hair won't get wet.

" Thanks" I say 

"Don't mention it"

 He replies and ads a wink at the end. We arrive at my house. It's a classic Italian house yellow brick and big windows with flowers in a flower box outside the windows. I unlock the door and walk in and Daniel follows I take my shoes off by the door and start a fire in the fireplace and decide to start cooking a meal for the two of us.

  "Do you want something to eat?"

  "Sure I can't remember the last time that I had a home cooked meal!"

I immediately start to cool my mom’s famous lasagna. I make homemade pasta sauce and pasta and I can almost hear him drooling. About one hour of waiting for the lasagna to be finished I decided to uncork my dads favorite bottle of wine. He told me

"Isabella whenever you are lonely or sad and I'm not on this earth uncork this bottle of wine and drink it with a friend"

 That was the day before he and my mom died in a car crash. 

"What's that for, it's not that special of occasion"

 “My dad told me to drink this with a friend, and well you are my friend so drink up!"

 As I pour his wine glass halfway up and hand it to Daniel we make a toast to second chances and drink the wine. After two more glasses the lasagna is finished and I serve it up.

"Isabella this looks fantastic! "

 He takes a bite but to soon realize that it is scalding hot and spits it out

 "Whoops "

He says.

" I don't think that I've laughed that hard in years,”

 I say. Start to cry a little. 

"Oh man! Are those happy or sad tears?"

" They’re happy tears! Don't worry! It's just been a while since I've had fun"

"Yeah me to its so weird, but in a nice way"

Daniel and me set up a picnic on the living room floor in front of the fire to warm us. As I sit down I can actually see several scars on his arms and legs and neck. My mind is swimming wondering what they are! Maybe he was depressed and turned to cutting or maybe he was bullied and kids beat him up. Or. 

"They're scars from when I cut myself"

 Shit he caught me looking at them to long!!

"Oh everybody deals with loss in their own way. Me I wrote about it I have several volumes of this journal! The rest of the pages are in my room. I tried it once, cutting myself you know"


 He asks with anticipation

  "It hurt like hell!!!"

 Daniel laughs but this time with a bellow from deep within his voice. 

"Yeah it does but I got used to it. I started after my parents died I was 10, I went to live with my aunt and uncle in Verona, they thought that if the loved close to the Montague house then maybe the curse won't affect them. They died 4 years later"

After Daniel and I finish our dinner I grab his hand and take home to our side closet with all of our documents. The closet is rather small but very deep. It contains all of our family's documents of importance. I go into our family history cabinet and get a very special collection of pages. Although I speak English I can most definitely speak Italian very well. 

"This journal I translated after I found it in my journal for my 10th birthday. It has the original everything. I think that Juliet herself wrote this when she had he love affair with Romeo." 

"Really?? My parents and aunts and uncles never kept anything!! They all were very superstitious about old documents and papers."

 As he reads I can see his brow furrow and his eyes widen at some details of the journal

"I like to think of it as the untold side to Romeo and Juliet. It's a shame that people don't talk like this anymore it's just so pretty and romantic."

 Daniel chuckles "Did I say something funny?"

"No not at all I would just think that after love has taken all of our family you would have already vowed NEVER to fall in love!"

 The kindness in Daniels voice vanished and I could almost see the fire in his eyes as he yelled at me

"Do understand that EVERY girl wants to live happily ever after!! And in case you haven't noticed IM A GIRL!!"

 Calming myself I get up and take the delicate pages of Juliet's diary and put them back in the cabinet get up and leave Daniel sitting on the floor. I start to clean up the kitchen. I can hear Daniel get up and can see him pick up our dishes that still remained on the floor. He sets them down and puts them in the dishwasher. I'm amazed that he just got up and did that. He comes up real close to me and I turn around expecting and apology, but instead his face is inches away from mine he reaches behind me and grabs the towel behind me and wipes something off my face.

"You do realize that you had tomato sauce on your face right?"

I can feel my face turn red with embarrassment I cover my face with the palm of my hand and I burst out laughing. Daniel does the same wonderful laugh with the bellowing in it.

  " I take it that I'm forgiven?"

"We'll I never said that, you just happened to break the silence which is the hardest part to get past."

"Can you help me wash these dishes?"

  "No prob Izzy"

 I pick up a plate and use the nozzle to wash the plate off. I set it down so that I can pick it back up. Daniel turns on the water and the nozzles pops up like a snake splashing water everywhere! I finally turn off the water and the nozzle stops spraying water. I look around the kitchen and we have made more if a mess than when we first started! Daniel is on the ground rolling around laughing!!! I get angry and spray him with the hose, which gets him very wet. Daniel picks up the soap bottle and squirts it right on top of my head!! I am in total shock!! He grabs the hose and spays my head. As the water runs down my face I can see bubbles being formed and get quite angry. I try to run to him to get back at Daniel but I slip and fall in the soap! I fake that I have a hurt ankle and as he tries to help me up I pull him down and he lands right on top of me! He gently brushes the soapsuds off of my face and pushes my hair behind my ear. I can see his eyes clearer now, a beautiful green brown. He leans in to kiss me and just as our lips meet I feel electrified, like a strong current is rushing through my veins. Our kiss is passionate and very meaningful. It was gentle but had just a hint of lust. As he tears his lips from mine we both look at each other in complete shock. He gets off o me and walks away. I can hear the shower turning on. His naked body, water running down it, all over his body! That kiss was amazing! The best kiss of my life. You might loose him if you don't act fast Izzy! I take off my T-shirt and drop it in the floor; I take off my jeans and leave them also in the floor. As I shed other layers of clothes I only remain I'm my bra and underwear I take my bra off and drape it over the side of the shower door so that Daniel can see it. I remove my panties and leave them on the bathroom floor. He opens the shower door and I just go into his kiss once again. The electric currents rush through my body once again and I feel complete. We stand and just hold each other. He traces shapes and letters on my back and u play with his hair on his neck.

  "What did I ever do to deserve you?"

 I can hear him speak while planting kisses on my neck and collarbone.

"Well it was just a thing of fate, just like Romeo and Juliet."

"I like that response very much"

 He smiles and kisses me again. He plays with the end if my hair and caresses my head with a gentle touch. I run my hands down his back and arms feeling complete in that perfect mom


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