What happens when you meet your favorite boy band member and he takes your phone?


1. Pavement


    I loved running in the morning, it was such a stress reliever like throwing the monsters that had accumulated over the night off in a sweaty haze. I pumped my music to highest volume level and continued pounding the pavement. I almost fell over from the feels when 'Kiss You' by One Direction came on but I just pumped up the pace and began running faster. "Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you'd like, tell me how to turn your love on, just shout it out yeaah" I began singing parts of the song in between steady breaths and didn't realize how loud I was.

     I made it a whole mile and a half without realizing the dirty looks I was getting, when i suddenly bumped into a person that felt like a freaking brick wall. I bounced off the black clad brick and propelled down to the wet pavement of some New York street. I groaned, that was going to leave a huge bruise on my bottom, god  I hated being clumsy. As I began dusting my self off a tan hand reached down and hoisted me up, i stared at the hand for a good moment before my brain connected with the black dove tattoo and the black clad body and promptly dropped the hand. Thus falling once again to the street with a little whimper. The hand and the body dropped to their knees and stared hard at me, and i almost fainted right then and there. 

   "Love are you alright?" His honeyed voice slicked over me like syrup over pancakes. I let out another little whimper and he grabbed me around the waist and hoisted me up. "Hello? Love are you in there?" He asked again. Then my mind clicked on and my brown face turned tomato red. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't even see you and then I just. and I just and just god I'm really sorry- "Shh, it's alright dove." He ran his knuckles against my palm and stared into my blue eyes and I thought we were really going to have a moment when "Truly,Madly,Deeply,Crazy in love withhhhhhh youuuu" erupted from my phone. I cursed my luck... Zayn's eyes drifted downward to my pink covered iphone and he chuckled a bit when the song came on again. I reached down between his feet and grabbed my phone. 

  Shit. It was Luca probably wondering where I was and why I was late for our run. I wistfully stared at Zayn again before answering my phone. "Where the hell are you Lyss?" Luca's thundering voice made me pull the phone away from my ear and wince. "Yeah, Yeah, I'm coming Jesus I'm sorry. I got caught up, yes your highness coming right now. Go drink some coffee you're a terrible- SHUT UP. Ok bye, love you." By the time that conversation was over my face was red again and Zayn's was stony. "Sorry about that- "Was that your boyfriend?" Zayn interrupted inquisitively. Was he jealous? I quirked my eyebrows "Who? Luca? Nahh just my very very very gay bestfriend." Why i felt the need to expose Luca's sexuality to the famous boy band member I have no idea, but it just felt right.    

  Zayn's face instantaneously brightened and I felt a whirl of joy. "I was just wondering if I was encrouching on someone else territory if I asked you to coffee?" I almost choked "Me?" Zayn smiled again and I bit my lip, worrying it. Zayn's eyes darkened "Don't do that" His voice sounded strained and i let my bottom lip go. "So the coffee thing..." He said. "Sure I'd love to come just tell me when and where." "Well dove, we could go now but see it wouldn't just be us..... I'm supposed to be meeting the lads- "Some other- "No, I'd love it if you could come" His brown eyes bore into mine and i found myself shaking my head yes... without even thinking about what I was getting into.

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