Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


6. What Are You Doing

I got in my creme white convertible and shut the door, igniting the engine. I turned up the radio, sighing because the music wasn't that appealing. It felt a bit stuffy, and I didn't want to turn on the ac, so instead I lowered the roof and let the wind fly through my hair. I pulled on the highway and drove a short distance to the park.

Pulling into an empty parking slot, I shut the door and stepped into the damp grass. "Oh wait, I need Starbucks." I ran back the very short distance and pulled on the aviators from off the top of my head, slamming the driver door shut.

Traffic wasn't my friend today, and I found myself cursing under my breath at all the idiots. The drivers were cutting me off and yelling things at me, as if their poor choices were my fault.

Pulling out of the Starbucks drivethru hurriedly, I rushed back to the park and paid the toll booth for my parking and I shoved my hand in my pocket as I walked down the sidewalk alone, sipping on my sweet iced coffee.

A few fans of the boys noticed me and waved, stopping to ask where Niall was. They had cute Irish accents, and I felt so out of it with my contradistinctive western accent.
I just calmly responded to them, "Somewhere in the park, he's actually what I'm looking for now."
The girls walked off in a bundle of giggles, and I giggled to myself as well.

I finally made it to the center of the park, where a small group of girls were huddled up around someone. It must be Niall. Pushing my way through, I found my boyfriend and. And another girl?
"What the actual fuck," I said under my breath.

I shoved my way through the rest of the squealing girls to get a good look at who else was with Niall. My Niall. My boyfriend.

"Niall who the hell-" but I stopped talking when I saw who he was with.
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