Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


10. Water Splashing

When we arrived to Tampa Airport it was only 8 am. My aunt Christine met Bella and I at the airport, giving us both hugs. She told us all the family was there.

"How are you two, come come, we have to hurry to the house. Lindsey, I got a call from a boy, he said he's your boyfriend and he has a hotel for you and Bella? Why didn't you bring him with you?" My aunt was one of the most talkative people I knew. Hell, my whole family was talkative.

We walked through security one last time and made it out to the car, her and I talking about Niall. "Well he seems really sweet, I'm glad you like him. Bella, what do you think, are there any boys in the band you like?" Aunt Christine smiled and Bella just shrugged. "Well, I do think Liam is quite adorable." 

Christine shrieked with joy. "Maybe in the future you two can go on double dates. Oh how cute!"

Leaving our bags in the car, we arrived to my aunts beach house. "I was going to have you stay here, but Niall insisted you stayed in this hotel. Something about free wifi for Skype, I'm not too sure." Bella and I zoned her out, letting her ramble as we shuffled through the sand.

"I dare you to go in the water," Bella laughed and looked at me, but I was being serious. She squealed and we both raced inside to greet the other half of my family, then heading for the bedroom where our bags were to get our bikinis on.

I pulled out the cutest white strapless top half with a center diamond piece, and matching floral bikini bottoms. I absolutely despised the diamond piece when I first got it because of the terrible tan lines it left, but I got used to it after a while. I hadn't worn anything like this in a while, and it bothered me a bit. I shook it off and opened the door to find Bella standing outside. With a smile on her face, we both ran outside dodging tall family members crowding the house.

When we got outside I looked around and took everything in. There were kids and moms in the sand, kicking it around and building sand castles. When the waves splashed up on the shore they would squeal and run away, avoiding the water like the plague.

I grabbed Bella's wrist and we both ran into the salty water, the salt in the air stinging my eyes as the cold waves cascaded around my ankles. It chilled me to the bone, but I loved it. I looked over to Bella, who had the most priceless facial expression. While she wasn't looking, I splashed some water in her face and she went insane, dumping loads of water in my face. "Revenge is a bitch," she laughed and did it again.

Nearly soaked, I pushed my hair out of my face and thought what I could do. Nothing really fancied me too much, so instead I recommend we went inside to warm up so we didn't freeze to death. Auntie Christine handed us each a pink towel, and waved her hands at the house, directing us to the back steps. "C'mon, scoot. You have to get inside before you catch a cold. Go get cozzied up in sweats if you'd like, I'll bring you to the hotel. I got the address, so just holler and I'll drop you two off."

I pulled on my PINK sweats I wore around the house almost daily, and a soft cotton v-neck. Pushing my hair behind my ears, I searched for a mirror to wipe off any smudged mascara. On the dresser were some darling little hair accesorys, and I snatched up the pink hairtie to pull up my hair into a messy bu, and it snapped in the process. "Dammit," I said to myself, dropping it to the ground.

I walked out of the room and met with Bella at the same spot as before, nearly matching in outfits. She handed me my duffle bag and we walked side by side, finding my aunt with my dad who I greeted very awkwardly. I hadn't seen him since my mom divorced him, and around then he began a heavy drinker and my aunt demanded I stayed with her until he got everything back in check. He seemed better now, very presentable without a beer in sight. I was proud of him, honestly. Christine said goodbye to her brother, and Bella said goodbye as well. I gave him a half hearted smile, and he seemed disappointed. I didn't care at that moment, I just wanted to talk to Niall.
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