Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


7. Surprise

If looks could kill this girl would be on the concrete dead. Thankfully, they don't. I got a better glimpse of the girl and sighed to myself, I swore I knew who it was.

"Wait, is that who I think it is?" I took a step back. Niall hadn't seen me. Yet, at least. I wanted to see if this mystery girl was who I thought it was. She had dark brown wavey hair past her shoulders, and a set of brown eyes to match. They accented each other perfectly. The girl had a smile that was so perfect, it almost seemed unnatural. Her teeth were ridiculously straight, it had to be because of braces in her younger years. This girl was ridiculously skinny and pretty.

Could it be? I yelled out my best friends name as loudly as possible, and she turned her head.

"Oh my god," I whispered to myself. Running back to the two, I couldn't help but let out the biggest squeal. It had been ages since I had seen my best friend. I stayed in London to live with Niall, while Bella went to Bristole to go to U.N.I. I was hoping she was on break, being fall I was thrilled this was when she managed to sneak out of that city.

I looked over to Niall who was frowning on the phone. "What's wrong?" I mouthed, looking at him as concerned as possible. He plugged his ear to listen to whomever was on the other side of the telephone more clear. "I'll explain once we get home," he said, letting out a deep breath he hung up the phone.

Entangling his fingers with mine, he nudged we pushed through the sea of, now screaming, girls. I grabbed Bellas' shoulder and showed her the way we were going, and held onto her forearm tightly.

Niall refused to look at me, but finally spoke once we made it out of the crowd.

"So, I've got some good news and I've got some bad news. What do you want to hear first?"
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