Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


11. Skype Chats

We were booked at the Grand Hyatt, and I couldn't believe it. The sun was at the highest point in the sky and nearly reflecting on the mirror-like window panes spread across the entire face of the hotel. Christine turned around to face the two of us in the back seat, "Now remember behave yourselves. This is a nice hotel, and oh for gods sake I feel like I'm dropping you two off at the mall, you two are growing up too fast. I'm sorry, I should have known better than to baby you just now." 

She got out of the car and opened up the trunk, hollering from the back where she unloaded our bags onto a large loading rack to bring to our suite. "Niall said over the phone the name is under Bella and Lindsey Horan by the way," she shouted. "Come on and get out of the car! You two are the ones staying!"

We both jumped out and ran to the back to help her. "Auntie, do you want to do me a big favor once we get inside?" I smiled widely and gave her puppy dog eyes at the same time, it always worked on her. "Anything." She smiled back. "Could you go to the bar, and bring Bella and I back a beer?" Her eyes widend and she shook her head. "Now now, you two are only eighteen." "But in England it's legal!" Bella chirped in. We batted our eyes and she sighed, "alright but only this one time. You tell nobody about this, deal?" We both shook our heads and ran inside.

The girls name at the check in desk was sweet. Telling her the name was Lindsey Horan sent me over the edge and I was about ready to start  squealing then and there. The room was so elegant and classy, I felt like I was in heaven. There was a sliding door that connected the two rooms Bella and I were staying in, and the privacy was nice. She didn't have a bathroom, and had the bigger closet of the two of us, but we made it work out.

Bella had gone into her room once we came home from dinner at Chilis. By now it was eight o' clock, and I pulled out my laptop anxious to Skype with Niall. Thankfully time zone wasn't an issue, but I knew once he was on nationwide tour it would be. I powered on my laptop and tapped into the free wifi, confirming the code and clicking on the blue s icon. I logged into Skype and watched the names of friends pop up who were online, and there was Niall. I read through a few of other names, and didn't bother to message anyone, Niall was calling me already. 

Answering the video call, his face popped up on the screen and I smiled to myself. I heard the other boys shouting in the background, and Liam showed up on the screen as well, him taking a seat next to Niall. "Hey Lindsey, where's your friend?" Liam smirked and Niall hit him. I called Bella's name and she came running in, taking a seat next to me and waved at the two boys. "thank you so much for saving me. The walls are so thin I could hear the neighbors doing the dirty so well it's like I was in the room." Liams jaw dropped and I nearly rolled off the bed from laughing so hard. You could tell she was being serious, so I decided to make a little fun out of this.

"Would it make me a bad person if we ruined their little... Moment?" I smirked and Niall nodded. Bella and I ran into her room, my laptop still in hand and we banged on the walls. "Keep it down in there, I'm trying to watch my shows!" I shouted. The noises stopped and the four of us were laughing, it felt like we were at home again. I missed everyone already, and I think the days might go by as fast as Niall promised.
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