Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


13. Shopping Craze

"Shopping?" I looked over at Bella like she was insane, or something of that nature.
"Yes. Shopping." She smiled and stood up. "I'm going to get ready, I suggest you do the same."

Sighing to myself, I picked up my cell phone and called aunt Christine. "Hey, do you think you could give us a ride to International Mall?" There was a pause and I heard a door slam. "Uhm, I'm not too sure sweety. The cousins are arguing, I have to see what's going on. The hotel has a bus that can drive you there I believe, and you can call a cab to bring you back." She apologized and hung up.

"Hey Bella, do you have the welcome booklet in your room, like by the tv?" She digging through the closet in her room. "I think so. Oh this is too cute. Do you mind if I wore your shirt?" She held up my Ramones shirt. "You don't even listen to them!" I laughed and she stuck out her tongue. "No, but you did in what, ninth grade? I'm sure you can cover my ass if some rabid Ramones fangirl shows up bugging me about my shirt."

I let her wear it and called the front desk. They told me the van was leaving in ten minutes, which gave me enough time to get dressed and do my makeup. I threw my hair up in a pony tail, it was the mall. Its not like we would see anyone we knew. Bella came out of the bathroom, and we were nearly matching. She was wearing a Ramones shirt, I was wearing a Nirvana shirt. We both had on black Vans. It was crazy because we never planned this, it just always seemed to happen, even when we were younger.

She smirked and we raced to the elevator, pressing the down arrows until another person showed up. The elevator 'dinged' and we stepped on, awkwardly placing ourselves on the opposite side of the tight space of the others. Everyone pressed the levels they were going to, and we were the last ones to make it off the elevator.

Hopping onto the van parked outside, it drove about ten of us to the mall. "So where to first?" We looked at all the stores. "We need to go to Forever 21. I bet the winter collection is finally in, praise the high heavens." We laughed and spent nearly all of our money in that one store, the two of us carrying about three of the largest yellow bags marked Forever 21 in black. We saved the rest of the money for the vending machines tonight, which we normally both went to around midnight to four a.m.

Getting out of the yellow taxi, we paid the driver and ran out. I opened my laptop and instantly skyped Niall, we hadn't talked since he had to go hurriedly yesterday. The green light was on, and I video called him.

"Hey; whatsup?" He was in his hotel room, and you could see all of his suitcases packed in the background. "Just got back from shopping to waste some time." Louis walked in the room and sat down. There was a loud bang in Bellas room and I jumped. "Are you okay?" I hollered from my half of the hotel suite. "I'm fine. Couldn't get my shoes off, they flew across the room." I laughed and looked back at the two boys on the screen. Zayn walked in. "Hey Ni, you tell Lindsey about-" they shushed him and his eyes widened. "Oh, its a surprise?" He whispered. "What's a surprise?" I eagerly jumped and waited for a response. "Oh, well I just need you to fly home a little bit later, if you don't mind staying in Florida." I frowned. "Was that supposed to be part of the surprise?" He nodded, and Louis jumped in. "You could look at it like a Christmas gift, from us to you." I shrugged. "If you guys stay an extra week there won't be any Christmas." I bit my lip and looked down. "We'll be back, I promise." Niall smiled and I couldn't help but grin over his braces. "But, you should try to get some sleep, I promised Lou I'd take him to some fast food shit for dinner, maybe you could do the same." I agreed and shut off the laptop, pulling the blankets over my head and trying to shut my eyes.

For now, the thing I should worry the most about is Christmas.

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