Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


8. Plans

"Tell me the bad news." I looked him dead in the eye and he just looked away, like the words flew right over his head. My grip on Bellas arm became tighter than it was before. He nodded his head slowly and looked at the ground, shuffling his feet around before opening his mouth, to then shut it again and ball up his fists. This was becoming rediculous, I wanted to know what he was hiding. Did Bella know?

"Niall. Now. Say it," I nearly growled, hoping to not cause a scene. He gestured we continued walking before he would anything.

We fought against the wind to get back to my car. He opened my door and Bella nodded to the powder blue Volkswagen she rented. We agreed to go straight back to the house, and she drove behind us the entire time.

Once we got to the house, I helped Bella get out all her bags and showed her to the guest room. Swiftly running through the kitchen, I walked her down the narrow bedroom and opened the door for her. Piling the bags on the bedside, we sat down and just sat there staring at each other.

Breaking the silence, the was a knock on the door and I saw Niall. Bella finally spoke up. "Go talk you two," she said with a firm smile.

"so, the bad news," he said once we made it into the kitchen. "Look, Thanksgiving is coming up in America, ye'? I wanted to be with you and your family this weekend, but I'll be in New York until the end of December, maybe even first of the year. Management told me that the lads and I are leaving for America this week." I couldnt breathe, it felt like everything around me had just collapsed on top of me, and I was trapped. Trapped under thick ice with no way out. It felt as if my stomach had been flipped upside down and forced to  be inside out. Like I had been dropped in acid. It was the most retched feeling ever. I didn't want to hear the good news. I just wanted to cry. Everything became fuzzy for a split second. My vision, my hearing, all of my senses. I blinked back tears and saw Niall standing in front of me, looking mortified.

"I'm sorry, don't cry." He pulled me into his arms for a tight hug and he rested his chin on top of my head. "Your friend is here, she can't see you this way," he whispered. "So, for the good news. You ready?"

I pulled away and heard a knock on the wall, turning around to see Bella. "Is everything alright?" She said . "Yeah, I was just telling Lindsey how I was flying you two out to Florida next weekend."

Next weekend, I thought. "Wait. Next weekend is thanksgiving?" Bella lightly laughed.

"This upcoming weekend is. Tomorrow is Thursday." She said. After high school I began to forget about days. I didn't have a schedule. No job, no school, I was a complete and utter mess. Time began to be the least of my worries, I just let my senses go to work when it came to my sleep schedule. Niall knew about my living habits, he even told me they were unhealthy. I was beginning to realize how stupid I actually sounded, my life appeared to be a trainwreck the more and more I thought about it.

I snapped back and frowned. "When do you leave?" I looked at my shoes compared to Nialls. They were dainty, almost as comparable to a father and daughter, but not as drastically different. "the three of us leave to London Heathrow Airport around four in the morning to meet up with the rest of the boys." Niall told us the plan of our twenty minute different flight schedule. We left before the five would, and I was becoming more and more dreadful for tomorrow. 

I can't make it over a month without him.
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