Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


2. Maybe Once

"I'll be back Niall, I need to take a shower." I sighed, looking over to the boy of my dreams realizing he was fast asleep.
I stood up and walked over to him, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. "Sweet dreams," I whispered.

Shutting the door lightly, I looked around the loft for the bathroom. The dark wood creaked under my feet as I tried tiptoeing through the house. "There goes the idea of being silent," I muttered to myself.

Peeking into a dark room, I flicked on the light. One by one, the lights turned on. They were dim, but enough to keep the tiny room lit. The room was empty, the only thing inside was an ironing board and racks on one wall for extra clothes.

"Let's try the next room," I said under my breath, opening the tan colored door. I stepped in the pitch black room and ran my hand against the texturized wall, searching for a light switch. I found a nob and turned it, and little by little the room began to lighten. When it was light enough to see things, I found myself staring into an antique mirror. I saw myself staring back at me. Starch white skin, rosy red cheeks with a hint of freckles, and big bouncy auburn curls. I despised my looks, but having someone to remind me daily they found me beautiful made it better.

I clenched my jaw and looked around. The bathroom was plain white, a set of baby blue towels and a matching shower curtain. I slid the largest towel from under the rest and wrapped it around my now undressed body.

I didn't care if there was anything but water on. It didn't need to be hot or cold, it just needed to zone out everything else. The running water was soothing, and was calming.
There was something silver that caught the corner of my eye. I looked over and realized it was a razor. My mind went dark and I picked it up, thinking about the hate. Insult after insult ran through my mind, and it seemed right.

"well, maybe once more wont hurt," I said, running a hand over my dissapearing scars. But it was too late. The razor hit the tiled floor when I heard Niall's voice at the opposite side of the door.

"Lindsey, can I come in?"
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