Happy Days

After Lindsey and her boyfriend move in together, she becomes worried that she isn't happy. But can she remember the good days to remind her why she agreed?


1. Do You Remeber?

I looked up from my silver band and over to the boy sitting next to me. He ran his calloused thumb under my jaw and smiled, sending shivers down my spine.
He leaned over so his mouth was inches from my ear. "Do you remember when we first met?"
"Don't remind me..." I weakly laughed at the thought.


"Hey Lindsey, go talk to him." I looked over to my best friend who pointed to the boy I had been staring at. He had the cutest smile and blonde hair, with a set of blue eyes that could outshine any star I've ever seen. His hair was pushed to the side, exposing his brunette roots. It was adorable, and I couldn't help but smile to myself about it.

 Bella grabbed the crook of my arm and drug me over by the waterfall where the boy was sitting. His eyes glistened as he stared into the water, and made the blue even more amazing than before. Flicking in another penny, his eyes looked up to us.

"Hi," he said lightly. "Do I uh- do I know you?" he frowned and his gorgeous eyes searched my face.
"You don't," I laughed. "But I'm Lindsey, and I felt the sudden urge to talk to you. Oh, and this is Bella." she stuck her hand out and shook his hand.
"It's nice to meet you two. I'm Niall." The boy stood up and I realized he was a lot taller than I expected. He thummed his belt loop and smirked lightly, not knowing how to carry on the conversation.
"Well, I must be going back to work. Hope to see you two around town sometime." Niall strolled off with a grin on his face, and I couldn't help but smile as well.

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