Us and One Direction

This 18 year old girl named Sophie was walking home from school with her best friend Lilly who is also the same age as Sophie. Both of them were walking to Sophie's house to have a sleepover. So when they were almost to Sophie's house they saw five boys standing by a pole so when Sophie and Lilly walked by the pole they saw One Direction!!!!!!!! Read this story to find out more!!!!!!!


2. Walking home with Lilly

         We finally get off the bus and start walking to my house. Then a head of us we see five boys we walk closer to them and then we realized it was the cute boys from One direction!!!!!! Me and Lilly stare at them and they stare at us. hi i said. hi Harry said. ~ Sophie P.O.V ~ i just realized that the hot Harry Styles is staring at me! Does he like me? if he does why me? even though i love him. Harry asks me what are names? i said im sophie and this is my best friend Lilly. so what are you two doing babe? harry asks. we are going over my house to have a sleepover. cool liam said. what are you guys doing i asked. just standing here babe harry said. oh do you wanna come over Sophie's house and have a sleepover with us? lilly asked. sure they said. GREAT!!!!!! lilly shouted. but first can we please have your phone number so we can call you one day when we dont see eachother babe harry said. sure mine is 444- 3353 i said. mine is 556-7714 lilly said. thanks babe harry said. follow me i said.

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