Us and One Direction

This 18 year old girl named Sophie was walking home from school with her best friend Lilly who is also the same age as Sophie. Both of them were walking to Sophie's house to have a sleepover. So when they were almost to Sophie's house they saw five boys standing by a pole so when Sophie and Lilly walked by the pole they saw One Direction!!!!!!!! Read this story to find out more!!!!!!!


4. Party Time

         Then we heard a knock on the door than i went up the stairs and opened the door it was the pizza guy i took the pizza from him and said to the pizza guy hold on let me go get my walet in my room. ok said the pizza guy. so i went up to my room and looked around my room to find my walet i couldnt find it. ~ Harry P.O.V~ i walk up stairs were the pizza guy was and gave him money. then the pizza guy left.then sophie came down from her room asked me is if i knew where her walet was and i said i dont know even though i acually took it when we were in her room when she wasnt looking.i took the pizza in the basement. then niall comes over and takes four pieces of pizza. i take one and lilly takes one. harry takes two and so does liam and zayn and lou takes three. ~ 45 minutes later ~.  After we were done eating, me and lilly put out the snacks so we go up stairs in the kitchen and get the snacks. "sophie" lilly said. "ya" i said. are you and harry like dating and tell the truth lilly asks. yes but dont tell anyone in school got it i said. got it lilly said. So we went back into the basement with popcorn, chips, fruit, and ice cream in our hands.PARTY TIME!!!!!!! we all shout.

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