Us and One Direction

This 18 year old girl named Sophie was walking home from school with her best friend Lilly who is also the same age as Sophie. Both of them were walking to Sophie's house to have a sleepover. So when they were almost to Sophie's house they saw five boys standing by a pole so when Sophie and Lilly walked by the pole they saw One Direction!!!!!!!! Read this story to find out more!!!!!!!


3. at my house/ and getting our clothes and other stuff

       Now we are at my house and louis said we have to go back to our apartment to get our things. ok i said. do any of you wanna come with us zayn asks. can i lilly said. sure babe liam said. thanks lilly said. i will stay i said. can i stay with you babe harry asked. sure i said. louis can you bring my stuff harry asked. sure louis said. bye Niall said see you later zayn said. bye me and harry say. ~ Harry's P.O.V~ i love Sophie but how do i tell her i need to tell her and i dont want to tell her when lilly and the boys are here i need to tell her today and now. but what if she has a boyfriend i loved her since i first saw her. ok its 2 minutes later alright here i go i am going to tell her now. Sophie i have to ask you something babe. what is it she said. I-I L-LOVE you so much and i know we just met but i love you very much. WOW!!!!!! I said. i have to tell you something too i said. yes babe harry said. I-I L-LOVE you too i said. WOW!!!!!!!! harry said. ~ Harry's P.O.V ~ I did it and she loves me. i move closer to her and turned head her head so she would face me and then i leaned in close to her and kissed her on the lips than she kissed me. it was the best felling i have ever had. she was the one i was waiting for. me and Sophie here a knock on the door sophie walks to the door and opens it. It was lilly and the boys. hi they say. hi me and Harry say. all of us went in my basement. then i ordered us pizza. i walk up stairs and went in my room to get something and Harry follows me and when we got in my room he said to me do you wanna be my girlfriend babe. i would love to i said. than we kissed on the lips. i am saying in my head while we were kissing that Harry Styles you are the best kisser ever. then Harry asked me have you ever had  a boyfriend before or did you not babe. i said i did until he cheated on me. he was such i big jerk i said. then me and him went in the basement with lilly and the rest of the boys.

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