Us and One Direction

This 18 year old girl named Sophie was walking home from school with her best friend Lilly who is also the same age as Sophie. Both of them were walking to Sophie's house to have a sleepover. So when they were almost to Sophie's house they saw five boys standing by a pole so when Sophie and Lilly walked by the pole they saw One Direction!!!!!!!! Read this story to find out more!!!!!!!


1. At school

        Hi im Sophie I am 18 years old and I am in 12th grade, and I  ONLY have one more week of school left. Right now im at school and i am at lunch with my best friend Lilly. After school Lilly is coming over my house to have a sleepover!!!! So at lunch Lilly says to me i cant wait for the sleepover and do you know what would be awesome? What? i ask. If One Direction knocked on your door and joined us at the sleepover. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!! i said. Oh the bell rang we better go to math i said. ~ Sophie's P.O.V~ I am walking to math class and then i see my ex boyfriend Ben. I turn my head so he wouldnt see me. I finally get to math class. this is my last period today because its a half day which is good because me and Lilly are having a sleepover and because its Friday. This week we are learning about stupid fractions. ~20 minutes later~. We are finally done school now im walking to my locker. 5 minutes later me and Lilly are walking to the bus stop to go home. We finally get on the bus after waiting 22 minutes.

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