Gave Me A Heart Attack

Two girls have a very important prom but will they get to go?
Where will they go? Who will they meet?
Read the story and find out!


2. Isn't She Lovely?

Zayn's Pov.

The girl next to me is so undescribeable like she is so perfect. Her long flowing brown hair flowing down to her waste, her brown eyes, and her curves make my knees weak. Oh what am I thinking she could be taken I wish she was mine so I can just squeez the life out of her."Hi my name is Leona" she says wow her voice sounds like a million angels!"My name is Zain Malik" I say "YOU MEAN FROM ONE DIRECTION" she says " Yes love please don't scream" I say " Oh of course sorry" she whispered " Are you a fan love?" I asked her " No-" She says oops cut her off my bad" Your not a fan" I question her " No, I'm not just any fan I'm a Directioner duh" she says with a small chuckle I turn a light shade of pink that was embrassing we continued our conversation by just talking to eachother about our life expirence and all that stuff but then she came to prom mine was the bomb "I might miss prom because of me and my best friend had to move back to the United Kingdom" She says wow that's horrible hmm prom over here isn't until a week from now maybe i'll take her " Hey you know prom here doesn't start until next week would you girls like to go to prom with us" I ask her her smile widened I was guessing that was a yes she wrapped her arms around me " Thank you Zayn your the best" she says I hug her back " your welcome Leona " I say and we continue to talk and soon enough the plane was going to land in thirty minutes.

Niall's Pov.

I was sitting next to the most beautiful girl ever Louis likes her but he won't get her . "Hey beautiful got a boyfriend" I say tapping her shoulder she looks at me " who me no i'm nothing near beautiful " she says who is she kidding she is hot " Well do you do you have a boyfriend " I ask her " No but I don't even know you " She says" My name is Niall Horan from One Direction please don't scream" I say "Don't worry I don't fangirl but my bestfriend will she kinda fancy's Zayn" she says "Hey I think Zayn fancy's her too" I say we both look at eachother " Hi i'm Belle " she says like a bell that plays a melody to my heart " Well Belle would you like to go out sometime?" I ask her with hope the answer will be yes " Umm I don't know we need a hotel and we still are alittle depressed because we can't go to prom" she says poor things they get to miss the biggest part of their life "Well they are having one here in about a week would you like to go with me" I say "No you wouldn't want to go with me " she says shaking her head "Of course I would and you could stay with us in our hotel if you want" I say "Really "She asks me "Of course " I say " Oh my nandos Niall your the best " she says "Have you ever been to Nandos Belle" I ask "No but can we go there like when we go out " Belle says " Of course we can go " I say " We are now landing please turn off your electronics and wait for the flight attendents to tell you to get off thank you" they say the plane lands and we grab our bags and got off the plane .

Hello agian I think this one was alittle longer tell me what you think it would be nice to make this popular .Fan? you don't have to just want to make you guys happy and write stories for you guys but it would be nice for a like or two or just tell your friends about it want a part comment your name who you want and why you want them and i'll pick who will be in the next one oh and I almost forgot tell me where you want to meet them ~ THANKS LOTS LOVE ALL MY FANS!

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