Gave Me A Heart Attack

Two girls have a very important prom but will they get to go?
Where will they go? Who will they meet?
Read the story and find out!


4. Dissapointment Turns Into Regrets

Still Liam's Pov.

I can't believe she chose Zayn. He's going to regret going out with her I walk down stairs and went to the kitchen everyone was in there I walked out and sat on the couch and put on Spongebob. "Ahhhh Zayn stop throwing flour at everyone" Leona says "FOOD FIGHT " I here those words come out of Louis' mouth and then there was screaming.

Niall's Pov.

We were all peacefully cooking when Zayn threw some flour in my face "Ahh Zayn stop throwing flour at everyone " Leona says then he throws flour at her "FOOD FIGHT" Louis says and now we are all covered in eggs, flour, water, and salt at eachother then Liam walks in "What the hell are you guys doing this mess better be cleaned before 8:00 pm." He says he's such a party pooper everyone groans and starts to clean "wait guys Liam never uses cuss words somethings wrong with him" I say "How do you know Niall" Louis says "Because Louis If you paid more attention to him he doesn't cuss unless he absolutely wants or need to" I say and go to Liams room I knock on the door "Lad let me in theres something wrong with you "  I say he opens the door and he has red puffy wet eyes "Liam whats wrong" I say "Come in i'll tell you" He says I sit on the bed and he tells me everything "Liam if I only knew there's nothing I can do " I say

Belle's Pov.

So Niall's been up there for awhile maybe I should check on him we finish cleaning and I walk upstairs Niall and Liam walked out of the room "oh I just came to check if you guys were ok whats wrong Liam " I say "Nothing " he says hmm he's worrying me we all walk downstairs and sat on the couch I kept my eye on Liam he's been looking at Leona for quite awhile maybe he likes her but can't date her cause shes Zayn's "Hey let's watch a movie " Liam says "Ok "Everyone says I guess he noticed me staring at him . We all grab blankets and pillows Liam and Zayn were on either side of Leona And Niall and Louis did the same for me The next two hours me and Leona were texting heres the CONVO.

"hey is there somethin with Liam and Zayn I feel kinda squshed by them"she texts "Umm thats what i've been thinking I honestly think Liam likes you but your with Zayn" I text her back "Mayb but what about u Louis and Niall look at you like a Godess feel into their arms" She sends back I laughed a bit its a good thing the boys are sleeping " Lol I think they lik me 2 but they seriously need their own GF'S " I text and wriggle out of Nialls tight grip around my waist" Having trouble I see your stuck " she texts "Oh shut up" I say and walk to Nialls room and Leona walked to Zayn's.

Zayn's Pov.

(I like this Font)

I woke up and noticed Leona wasn't there anymore where did she go I went to my room and there she was on my bad she is so beautiful even when she is asleep I went over to the bed and lay next to her I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close her eyes flutter and she turned her head" Morning beautiful " I say she smiles "Morning babe " she says and pecks me on the lips "get up we are going out today" I say she has a big smile "Can we take the limo " She asks "Of course if you want fangirls to attack us i'm kidding but we really need to take the car ok" I say and she gets up and showers .

Ok so this one was late but i'll have the next one be longer~Love you lot's ~ No Spoons/Liam Payne

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