Gave Me A Heart Attack

Two girls have a very important prom but will they get to go?
Where will they go? Who will they meet?
Read the story and find out!


3. Am I Dreaming?

So sorry for not updating in so long i'll make this one longer and if you want to be in the story comment your name and the person you want and i'll pick at random who will be in it!

Leona's Pov.

Well we meet One Direction and now we are going to be living with them I must be dreaming.I also took a huge liking on Zayn and I want him to feel better about losing his girlfriend "Hey Zayn could we maybe go out sometime like as a friend because i'm pretty sure you'll feel better if you were doing something fun with someone" I asked him "You mean like a date " He asks back " Umm no I mean as a friend but if you want to go on a date then ok" I say slightly feeling my cheeks turn a bright pink.Suddenly the car stops and we all get out of the car "woah this is your hotel" Belle says "Yes, yes it is "Louis says I get my bag and walk to the elevator along with the rest " Wait guys where will we sleep if there are only five rooms" I ask " With one of us of course " they all say in usion "Umm.. i'll sleep with Zayn " I say really confused" Yeah I agree with Leona except with Niall" Belle says They all shrug and walk to the game room after five minutes of pure silence between Belle ,Zayn ,Niall ,and I we here " Rematch Harry" Liam says " No " Harry says " Hahaha you guys are so funny when you fight" Niall says "Shut It Niall" Harry and Liam say in usion "Umm what the hell is going on in there " I say and with that Louis runs out chasing Liam with a spoon " Ahhhh Leona help me Louis going to hurt me with a spoon" Liam says to me " Louis now you know Liam is afriad of spoons stop chasing him with that spoon" I say as Liam hides behind me "Fine" Louis says with a pouty face "Hey wanna watch a movie " Niall suggest "Sure " Belle, Zayn, and I say at the same time " Can we watch Toy Story" Liam says " No Liam we watched that over 100 times " Louis says he sighs and sits down angrily and then we all sit down on the couch and vote on a movie to watch.

Louis' Pov.

Hmm what movie should we watch " I know Paranormal Activicty 4" I say " Absolutely not" Leona says " Well why not Leona" Zayn says "She is absolutely afriad of horror movies" Belle says " Why superman is here to hold you" I say putting my hands out informing her to come into a hug "Dude back off she's mine" Zayn says "Ok gosh Zayn I was just kidding " I say he eyes me evily " Zayn can we watch something in your room so they can watch Paranormal Activivty 4" Leona says "Yes of course Leona what do you have in mind " He asks her " I don't know something romantic I guess" She says and they dissapear up the stairs " Hey guys instead of Paranormal Activicty 4 we watch Twilight" I ask " I guess " they both say through out the movie I was crying laughing and screaming crying cause its sad laughing because what kind of vampire sparkles and screaming at random moment's in the movie . It soon came to an end I took Niall's arm and bit him really hard and ran off "Ow what was that for Louis I didn't do anything to you" he says " I'm Edward Cullens and this is Bella" I say taking Belle from Niall " And I'm Jacob the dashing warewolf " he says me and Belle start bursting into laughter and Niall takes Belle back and now we are playing tag and hide n' seek all around the house.

Harry's Pov.

I had finally fallen asleep and the "BANG" came from the living room " What is going on" I say and run down stairs their was a guy at the door with a gun " I want my daughter pretty boy" the man says letting the words slip out of his mouth " Who is she" I say nervously as everyone enters the living room he snaches Leona away " Leona why the hell did you run away from home we've been looking for you for about five years " he says and pulls her hair harshly Belle falls to her knee's and started crying " Noo don't hurt her"Zayn says running towards her until her father put the gun up" Step any closer and i'll shoot you pretty boy " He says Zayn run's towards her but manages to doge the gun shots and grab Leona pushing her away from her dad  I flipped the gun out of his hand and caught it in my hand soon enough Liam Louis and Niall jump him and starts to hurt him very bad the police came and knocked on the door and I opened it putting the gun down on the table "Hi Niall Horan called " They say " Yes he's in there" I say " Ok thank you " They say and took Leona's father into their van and driving off to the police station .

Zayn's Pov.

Leona was crying in the corner I went and sat next to her " Do you want to talk about it " I asked her she shakes her head back and forth saying no and snuggled into my arms still crying I carry her bridal style up to my room and laid her down on the bed " It's going to be alright ok " I say she nods "Zayn " She says after 10 minues of crying into my arms " Yes love" I say " Can I tell you why I ran from home" She says " Of course love go ahead" I say " Well it all started in the 7th grade when my mom left my dad ,obviously he had to take custody of me cause my mom thought I would be exactly like him, he started taking drugs a-and" she starts to stutter and cry agian " Babe it's ok if you don't want to talk about it" I say " Zayn it's alright anyways he started to beat and abuse me so I told Belle about it and her mom told the police and they took him to the mental hostpital and helped him get better and from there Belle's mom took care of me until we both turned 18 and decided to move out we've had the best until now " she says " Oh i'm so sorry Leona I would never hurt you I would love you until the end of the world " I say " Zayn obviously we both fancy eachother so like do you want to go out " she ask " Yes Love I would love to "I say I kiss her lips and I pull back she pulls me back into a kiss and we both start to make out until Liam walked in.

Liam's Pov.

I walked up to Zayns room and heard Leona talking about her story when I came to ask if she wanted to bake a cake with everyone down stairs Then a silence came I opened the door and see the kissing tears start to form in my eyes, Zayn looked at me I ran off and went to my room locking the door "Liam open the door what's wrong " I hear Leona says I opened the door and she is only there "Is Zayn there" I say " No" she says I pull her in and lock the door and told her" Look Leona I love you " I say my eyes are full of  lust and we both slowly lean in and suddenly she stops " Sorry Liam Zayn and I are dating I can't kiss you "she says and walks out of the room.

End :( I hope you guys liked it again i'm sorry I did not post comment if it's good or bad .

if you want me to do dirty imagines for you comment your name and which boy you want it with

Also if you want to be in this story comment as well it would be nice for more fans or likes

~ Tanks (<----------------Lol Niall) to all my fans and readers !








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