Gave Me A Heart Attack

Two girls have a very important prom but will they get to go?
Where will they go? Who will they meet?
Read the story and find out!


1. Bad Luck Changes

Leona's Pov.

It's almost prom too bad we have to move to the United Kingdom. Even though I was born in the United Kingdom I will still miss my friends back in the United States. My parents siad I could bring a friend so I am going to bring my best friend Belle.Oh my how rude of me I forgot to introduce myself , hi my name is Leona. Well this is good bye to America and all my friends." Come on Leona we are going to be late for our flight" Kiara says to me " I run downstairs with my bags. We got into the car and got there in the next 10 minutes."Girls you can get something to eat before we leave" mom says."Ok mom we will be back in five minutes" I say dragging Belle to the Subway counter " Hello what would you like" the worker says "Umm the chicken sub footlong please" I say "And you ma'ma" The worker says "The same " Belle says .We are walking back when we hear the intercom" flight 21 B is going to be leaving in 10 minutes"we look at eachother and start runnimg to the plane and of course we are the last people on the plane we garab our things and enter the plane the only seats avabile were the ones all the way in the back next to four boys."Ugh we can't sit next to eachother sit at the end ok" Belle says " Ok" I say and sit next to a guy with brown eyes and Jet Black Hair with a blonde streak in it and the other guy next to him had brown eyes and green blue eyes . God they are HOT I'm going to die.

Belle's Pov.

Omg there are these two cute guys next to me one of them has blonde hiar and blue eyes and the other one has brown hair and blue eyes . I take out my phone and text Leona " I am sitting next to two HOTT guys what about you " I sent I immediatly got a text saying " yeah me too i'm going to talk to them you know get their names numbers" she says I text back " Ok i'll listen to music you do that talk to you later " I text her " ok bye " she text me I put my phone downturning my head to the side these guys were looking at me " what are you staring at you know take a picture it last way longer than looking at me" I say " oooh fiesty I like " the guy with the brown hair and blue eyes says I slightly blush " Awww look who's blushing " he says " shut up " I say putting my ear buds in and turning my head and ignoring them.

Hope you liked it the next chapter will probrally be longer I just want to know if you like this.Fan? Tell others?~THANK YOU

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