Dusting off the Cobwebs

This is the first part of some creative writing pieces that I have done that are set in Gielinor/Runescape.

This original story is based on a wealth of ideas from the Halloween quest 'Web of shadows' and is set, pre-wilderness change (for experienced players). However, I have written it for a fresh audience and hopefully minimum 'gaming' experience of Runescape is necessary to understand it all.

It follows the plight of a mother who's son has suspiciously disappeared near one of the most feared parts of all of Gielinor. What new evil has returned in the North?


9. Hunger

I didn’t dare look, knowing I might have just killed Joel myself. I slowly turned ready for battle. Several spiders came scurrying towards me, others scampered up the walls. I kicked the first spider back towards the entrance, and then swung my sword into another. I heard another land behind me; I immediately hid behind my shield and felt it clatter against it. Engrossed in the flow of combat, I kicked the spider off the edge of the cavern into the waiting magma below, and then stabbed another. I briefly peaked over my shoulder ... Joel had made it! He was sat down on the floor staring across; I had great respect for him and he was acting very calm amidst the chaos he was witnessing. My thoughts distracted me; a larger spider charged me to the ground, almost knocking me over the edge. I dropped my sword and shield onto the ground and grabbed hold of the spiders head. It snapped and chomped at my helmet, I began to unleash melee hits on it in an attempt to defend myself. I knocked all of its legs out from underneath it; causing it to stumble and fall on top of me. Despite being heavy and knocking the wind out of my lungs, I continued my flurry of punches, finishing the melee combination with an uppercut. The spider seemed dazed; I grabbed my sword and lodged the blade into its skull, instantly stopping its movements. I was triumphant; killing the spider had made the others swiftly retreat. “That’s right! Run and hide!” I yelled egotistically. I briefly retrieved my breath, and then waved across to Joel. He waved back, and then the whole cavern shook. It felt like the volcano had exploded, I quickly gazed up, raising my arms above my face to stop the falling debris hitting my face. There were rocks and stalagmites falling everywhere, “Joel, get covered!” I shrieked. Gazing through the plummeting rocks I could see Joel cower in the archway of the entrance to this cavern, I was surprised he heard me. A deafening serpent-like screech jolted me; I looked up to see a giant tarantula descend from the roof on a thick thread of web. The spider was significantly bigger than any other spider I had ever encountered. It’s gangly, long legs made it appear an even more daunting foe. I immediately drew my bow and began firing arrows at the spider. It roared at me, and then zipped back up to the roof. “Give me your raw flesh” it calmly stated. “Talking spiders...? Great.” I mumbled with both astonishment and sarcasm. “She needs to be fed, she needs fresh meat”. It crawled down the cavern wall towards Joel, he didn’t move, locked in terror, he was gently rocking with his head in his hands. “You leave him alone!” I warned emptily. I focused and fired an accurate shot straight at the spider. It shrieked in agony as the arrow pierced through its body. It acted as a catalyst to engage me, it leapt across the cavern, landing just above my head and continuing to weave glistening webbing across the cavern. It screeched then twitched, launching projectile spikes from its body; I dodged out of the way then continued to fire arrows back up towards the tarantula. It crawled down the wall then attempted to bite me. “I’ll pull the meat from your lifeless corpse” it said as it locked me in its snout. Releasing my bow, I wriggled free and rolled underneath the body of the hairy tarantula; it spun around frantically trying to find me, and then raised the rear of its body. A large fine, needle like spine extended from its body, dripping black liquid. Glaring at it, I closed my eyes and muttered a quick prayer to Guthix. The spine pierced my armour; however I felt it tremble as it failed to pierce my body. I stretched to grab my sword, and then cut the spine from the spider’s body. The spiders shriek was so loud and high pitched; I grabbed the outside of my helmet in a feeble attempt to cover my ears. The spider leapt again, over to the other side of the cavern dripping blood from its wound. “It seems you are favoured by whatever false ‘God’ you pray to. Your faith won’t save you forever.” It aggressively stated. The spider turned to face Joel “I’ll claim you in little pieces if I have to.” it explained. I quickly sprung to my feet; I couldn’t get across to the other side. I impulsively jumped and grasped the string of web laced across the cavern. My hands stuck to it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to climb across. My weight tore the adhesive grip from my hand, I felt completely helpless watching the spider approach Joel in anticipation, consciously feeling my time to save Joel was running out. I thoughtlessly ran to the cavern wall and dipped my hands into the stream of black liquid that surged down the walls surface. Fully coating my hands in the vile solution, I dashed towards the cord of web and leapt out across the fiery gulf. I gripped the web; my lubricated hands let me slide across the rift, I could feel sweat rolling down my forehead, it felt like I was being barbecued as I dangled above the molten lava. As I reached the other side I released my grip of the web and landed inelegantly, crashing into the floor. I accidentally caught the tarantula’s attention; it stormed towards me, attempting to knock me off the edge. “I’ll enjoy watching your skin turn to crisp in the lava” the spider satisfyingly declared. I attempted to get to my feet, but it grabbed onto my legs with its branching jaws and threw me against the wall. The spider crawled around where I sat, savouring the moment. I pulled myself up using the wall, and then bolted toward the tarantula, leaping onto its head. It panicked and crawled around in circles trying to shake me free. I drew my sword and viciously stabbed at the tarantula. It shrieked and squealed, then flung me again. I landed next to Joel who had been watching everything that was happening. As I stood up the spider pinned me against the wall. “I’ll devour you, then take the child” it snarled staring straight into my eyes. I head butted the spider, gripped my sword and then forced the tip of the blade through the spiders chin. “No you won’t” I replied arrogantly in its shrieking face. I pulled my sword back out of the spider, watched it collapse and then aimed to separate the head from the body. I needed to swing twice to cut the spiders head clean off; I wanted to be certain I had banished this evil creature.

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