Dusting off the Cobwebs

This is the first part of some creative writing pieces that I have done that are set in Gielinor/Runescape.

This original story is based on a wealth of ideas from the Halloween quest 'Web of shadows' and is set, pre-wilderness change (for experienced players). However, I have written it for a fresh audience and hopefully minimum 'gaming' experience of Runescape is necessary to understand it all.

It follows the plight of a mother who's son has suspiciously disappeared near one of the most feared parts of all of Gielinor. What new evil has returned in the North?


3. Brotherly Love

The walk to Varrock normally takes around ten minutes; arguably I could have used my various skills in magicks to arrive there instantaneously, however the walk gave me time to reflect and think about how I was going to address Nolan. Varrock is a grand town, with so much visible historical importance. However, it is constantly under threat from the horrors of the north. My arrival into Varrock was greeted with the usual strong military presence at the western entrance, followed by the manic rush of merchants and tradesman, scurrying to the Grand Exchange to make their daily earnings. I headed towards the southern entrance, walking through the streets, passing the crumbled walls of formerly standing houses and the local apothecary. As Angela had explained, there stood her house, sitting adjacent to the exit of Varrock. It had a chocolate brown, wooden front door and rounded glass windows. As I walked towards the door and entered the front garden I could hear someone speaking from inside the house. I knocked bold and loudly to ensure they knew I was here. “Who is it?” asked a woman’s voice from inside the house. “I’ve been sent here by Angela and I was wondering if I could have a talk with Nolan?” I was hoping this vague reply would give the impression I was actually a Varrockian Guard or an official investigator, at least then she would open the door to me. It was silent for a moment, then I could hear the clicking and un-latching of what seemed to be three or four locks on the other side of the door. My plan had seemingly worked, the door slowly opened to reveal an older, brown haired woman, roughly about the same height as Angela. “What do you want to talk to Nolan for?” she aggressively barked. She locked eye contact with me; it felt as though her eyes were trying to unravel me. “I think he may hold some valuable information which could lead to finding his brother Joel” I replied seriously. There was another uncomfortable pause whilst she scrutinized me.  At first I thought she was going to chase me away, however it seemed that I managed to make her believe I was genuinely there to help. “Angela sent you?”, “Yes ma’am” I politely replied, nodding as I said it. “Fair enough, come inside, quick! Nolan’s upstairs; if he doesn’t want to talk to you or if you upset him, I’ll throw you out with my bare hands. Do you understand?”, “Perfectly” I replied gulping. At this point Susan stood aside from the door and signalled towards the stairs of the house.

I was aware that Susan was still glaring at me, even when I had passed her. I respectfully made my way through Angela’s living room; it was a very warm and welcoming home with a tall, large coal fireplace surrounded by well crafted teak chairs and fluffy pillows. There was a loud wooden creak coming from beneath my feet every time I stepped on the stairs, despite knowing I wouldn’t disrupt anyone, I tried walking softer as I gingerly moved up the last steps. The stairs led into a small attic-like room at the top of the house. At first, my back was turned to Nolan, as I turned around at the head of the stairs I could see him sat upon his bed with his head in his hands. The whole room was untidy, three beds were lined up along the length of the room, their quilts were left hanging off and items off a mahogany bedside table lay scattered around the floor. “I made sure he was home quickly, he’s been through a lot today” Susan said sympathetically from behind me. I cautiously approached Nolan and sat myself down quietly next to his bed. I could hear him sobbing so I introduced myself. “Nolan?” he looked quickly at me through his fingers. “Nolan, I’m a friend of your mother’s, she’s sent me to talk and h...” he quickly interrupted me “They took him; they came out of the shadows and  they dragged him away.  Now I’m scared they’ll come for me too!” he blubbered. I didn’t want Susan to think I’d upset him, but she was swift to voice her opinion. “Whoever it was who took him, is not going to get you whilst I’m here!” shouted Susan. I tried to look Nolan in the face; however he was still hiding it. “I’m here to help Nolan... I want to try and find your brother as soon as possible... I need to understand what exactly happened.” Nolan was quick to reply, “You won’t believe me; even my mum doesn’t believe me!” he sobbed. “Nolan...” I shuffled closer to him. “I too have had various strange and evil encounters myself ... and ...” I stopped. “And?” Nolan said sarcastically. “And, well, I’m still here, alive and well. I’m certain that I can find your brother and bring him home safely.” At this point Nolan’s head slowly arose from his encased hands. “Can you promise me you’ll bring Joel back?” requested Nolan.  “I promise.” I replied. “Now dry your eyes ... firstly I need you to do me a favour. I need you to tell me what happened, every detail, no matter how bizarre or out of the ordinary. I will believe you. I swear.”. “My throat hurts ... could you fetch me a drink please?” he said this openly, however I turned around and looked at Susan, implying she should get it for him. “I’ll get a glass of water for you, sweetie!” she replied with a smile. As Susan made her way downstairs Nolan began his explanation of what had happened. “We were just playing near Edgeville bank, my mum told us to stay there but Joel kicked my ball away. He always does that. It’s my ball too! So, I ran after it and managed to stop it before it bounced over the wall” “The wilderness...” I whispered anxiously. “Yes, mum told us never to cross! So, I picked my ball up and Joel snatched it back off me, he said ‘oh, you should go and get it”” Nolan said this in a sarcastic, nonchalant tone imitating his brothers voice. “So, I said no and I told him mum didn’t want us near there.” I was curious.  “Was... this... when it happened?” I asked. “No.” Nolan replied. “He snatched the ball off me again and kicked it over the wall...” I could hear Susan coming up the staircase. “Ahh, here’s a drink for you.” I said. Susan arrived and gave Nolan the glass, then sat down on the bed beside him. “Do you want me to tell him to leave?” Susan asked Nolan whilst he drank. “Perfect”, I thought to myself. I felt a little angry that I was making progress, yet Susan was trying to get rid of me already. He replied after finishing his drink. “No.” Nolan turned to face me “I tried to stop Joel but he completely ignored me.”  “Stop him from doing what?” I replied. “Well, after I told him I didn’t want to go for the ball he called me a chicken. Then, he climbed over the wall himself”. Nolan stopped talking and looked directly at me, he was upset, and he even frowned and cowered as though he was in trouble. “You should have told your mother!” barked Susan, interrupting Nolan. “I ... I couldn’t! It ... it all happened really fast, I heard something scuttling really fast from his left, I ran to the wall.” Nolan halted, looking down towards the floor, I saw a tear roll down his nose, and then drop to the floor. “I saw it ...  but Joel didn’t.” He said visibly distressed. “You saw ... it?” I questioned. “Yes, it was black and dark... like the shadows it came from, but it was bigger, much larger than I have ever seen them before.” Susan appeared to be shocked, yet I was more surprised. “You’ve see them before?” I curiously questioned again. “Yes, it was a huge spider, like the little ones ... only bigger ...  it had ...” Nolan started shaking with terror. Susan immediately noticed Nolan’s distress.  “Right! You need to leave ... now!” exclaimed Susan. “Wait!” I pleaded. “It’s important I hear Nolan finish explaining what happened!” I said as I stood up. Susan quickly grabbed me and started to physically push me towards the stairs. “What else happened Nolan?” I desperately pleaded. “Out! I explained what would happen if you upset him!” Susan screamed, raising her voice over mine. She stopped pushing me when Nolan replied. “It bit him. Then he fell down and it carried him away!” Nolan started to cry, “I think it killed him” he snivelled. “Out!” Susan shouted in my face again. There was not much I could do, Susan bundled me down the stairs and out of their front door, slamming it behind me, I didn’t even properly say goodbye to Nolan. I was hopeful at this point that I could make things better for them all.


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