Dusting off the Cobwebs

This is the first part of some creative writing pieces that I have done that are set in Gielinor/Runescape.

This original story is based on a wealth of ideas from the Halloween quest 'Web of shadows' and is set, pre-wilderness change (for experienced players). However, I have written it for a fresh audience and hopefully minimum 'gaming' experience of Runescape is necessary to understand it all.

It follows the plight of a mother who's son has suspiciously disappeared near one of the most feared parts of all of Gielinor. What new evil has returned in the North?


4. A Quick Return

I was deeply disturbed, yet confused at the reasons why a spider would attack Joel and take him away. I’d had brief encounters with spiders before that were significantly less traumatic. I always thought they’d naturally reside in darker areas, underneath the earth and never grow much higher than one or two feet high. It troubled me to hear of one physically hunting and stealing a child in plain sight. Whilst I let my thoughts drift into other theories’ I quickly sprinted to the nearest bank which was north up the road from Angela’s house. I was aware that I had little to no time to lose at all if I was going to recover Joel alive. I politely, yet urgently asked the bank assistant to access my possessions. The banks magical technology was truly unrivalled, their caskets, which are unlocked by various passwords and secure numbers at their owner’s request, are substantially bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. Apparently some form of ‘magical dimension folding’, not to be tampered with and developed by some unknown, yet probably rich geniuses. As I rattled around through my possessions I finally found what I was looking for and delicately withdrew it from the casket. “Why that’s a glorious amulet you have there, sir” the worker exclaimed in awe as the violet light from the amulet’s dragonstone heart caught his attention. I smiled at him and replied “Yes and very expensive”. He laughed whilst I started to rub the amulet’s gem, my thoughts cleared and focused on Edgeville. As I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I could feel my body starting to lift; I could see shimmers of dark green and gold light whistling past my closed eyes like a kaleidoscope. In an instant, the light vanished and I slowly released my breath. I could feel the ground beneath my feet again. I opened my eyes to see Edgevillle once more. Surely enough Angela was still here frantically asking everyone who came past her about Joel. She had not noticed that I had returned yet, so I quickly requested that my possessions be returned to my bank, and then went to update Angela on my plan of action.

“You’re back!” Angela cried out with joy as I strolled over to her. “What did Nolan say? Did he help?!” she continued as she verbally spilled out her long list of questions. I knew my first obstacle would be to subtlety break the news that he was abducted by a spider. “From what Nolan told me, it seems that your son was stolen by some sort of ...” I halted, I couldn’t simply say it. “Yes?” she asked tilting her head.  “... Spider” I unhappily replied.  “Spider?” she asked, frowning with confusion. “Yes ... that’s not particularly...  bad news...” I paused for a moment to restructure my thoughts. “Personally, I’ve never heard of this kind of behaviour from an arachnid before, however they can be hunted... I think. I might be able to find where it took him.” This seemed to please Angela slightly. “Where are you starting your search? I will help you!” she desperately pleaded. “I’m afraid, I’m going to insist that I do this alone, this search is going to require a venture into the wilderness, and I don’t know what will be found or encountered... You are in a bad enough state as it is.” I slowly explained. Angela seemed both frustrated, yet relieved that she wouldn’t have to accompany me. “Do you really think you can find him?” she charmingly asked. I didn’t fully believe I could, so I tried to spin the question. “I do have all the necessary provisions required for the journey, I’ll just need a little time to prepare my equipment.” I replied, dodging a blunt answer. She seemed eager, yet anxious to let me go. “Well ... I’ll let you get to it then” she calmly stated as she intently nodded. “Try not to worry too much” I suggested in vain, I knew she would continue asking strangers while I was gone. I headed to the bank and listed the items I would need. “Rope ... knife ... pick-axe” I whispered to myself to ensure I didn’t forget anything. Once the items for my voyage were packed I made sure I was ready for combat. Delving into my most prized possessions, I knew exactly what I was looking for. “Guthix bless you, Oziach” I said to myself as I jerked the various pieces of my armour out of the bank and held them up the air so I could inspect them closer. This particular set of armour had saved my life on more than one occasion.  The platebody had a distinct supernatural, blue metallic look, with scratches and scuffs baring testament to previous battles. The runite metal that it was made from can only be forged by the most skilled of smithers and can easily withstand any considerable force or mortal wound. Whether or not Oziach himself moulded it is still a mystery, but after that ‘dragon incident’ on Karamja I think he felt I was worthy of wearing it. Finally, I pulled on my matching metallic boots, adjusted the amulet around my neck and picked up my long sword and shield, prepped for the trek. Just before I hopped over the wall segregating Edgeville from the barren wilderness, I heard Angela cry out.“Be careful!” she shouted through her cupped hands from behind me. I turned and lifted my helmet’s visor, “I’ll find your son!” I shouted back, I then lowered my visor and crossed the crumbling stone wall.

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