Dusting off the Cobwebs

This is the first part of some creative writing pieces that I have done that are set in Gielinor/Runescape.

This original story is based on a wealth of ideas from the Halloween quest 'Web of shadows' and is set, pre-wilderness change (for experienced players). However, I have written it for a fresh audience and hopefully minimum 'gaming' experience of Runescape is necessary to understand it all.

It follows the plight of a mother who's son has suspiciously disappeared near one of the most feared parts of all of Gielinor. What new evil has returned in the North?


1. The Dangers of Edgeville

Under normal circumstances, Edgeville is usually a peaceful area to dwell, sometimes there’s the odd rush of civilians and adventurer folk doing their day to day chores, but mostly it’s calm and relaxing. This may come as a surprise to most, as a little over a couple hundred of yards from where the bank is situated, resides one of the most dangerous places in the land, tarnished and defiled by a forgotten war. Rarely, a lost adventurer trespasses too far and veers into the most veiled, ancient areas, discovering the demonic beings that linger in the darkness.  However, I’ve noticed that most of the trouble that makes the news in this area comes from what lurks beneath Edgeville. Word has it that the beasts inhabiting the dungeons below this small town safeguard vast treasures and selfishly keep desired riches. Naturally, the appeal is too great for some to resist, they will blindly venture deep into its depths, unaware and unprepared for what awaits. Most come back alive, empty handed or with a bag full of stolen red spider eggs and a number of venomous spider bites to tend to. In more ‘grave’ circumstances some individuals eventually turn up around Falador or Varrock, perplexed and amnesic, but alive. However, the rumour that local people were permanently disappearing was becoming common knowledge, this was a new cause of concern for the area, its folk and for me.

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