Life As We Know It (Sequel to Holding On To What I Have)

Layla is with Zayn, Jordan is with Harry, Louis and Abi are together. But what happens when an old "friend" of Liam's comes back and brings a friend with her? Will Liam want to be with Katy? Will Niall find his princess?


2. Talking

Layla's P.O.V

After Kelli got all of her stuff inside her and her friend Brooke came in and sat down, of course Kelli sitting next to Liam. Brooke sat down next to Niall and he started blushing like crazy.

"I've missed you guys so much!" Kelli says.

"We all missed you!" I say.

Kelli smiles, "I really am sorry for leaving. I, I thought that it was the right thing to do. But it wasn't, I don't know if you guys can forgive me."

"Kelli! Of course we forgive you!" Harry says.

"So, who is this?" Kelli asks looking at Jordan.

Harry pulls Jordan closer to him smiles, and proudly says, "This is Jordan, my beautiful girlfriend." Jordan blushes and says hi to Kelli.

Kelli turns to me, "I see you and Zayn are a little cozy." 

I laugh and Zayn wraps his arms around my waist, "Yeah, a lot has happened since you left." Kelli wasn't here to know about my dad, she doesn't know about me and Zayn.

"Like what? How did you two, become 'official'?" She asks.

"Um, well Jordan is an old friend of mine from Brighton and I called her when you left to um, help me. And she told my dad that I was with my mum, my dad didn't know because I ran away. My dad came over, I ran away from him because he would hurt me, and well. He hit me and Zayn was there, he protected me from him, and I finally felt safe, safe with him."

"Wow, I have missed a lot. So Jordan how long are you staying?"

Jordan's face falls. "I was only supposed to stay for a few days, but then my parents said I could stay for a month. Then month ends in 2 weeks and I have to go back to college." Jordan says.

Harry makes a pouty face, "I only get to be with my girl for 2 weeks." I buries his head into Jordan's hair, she giggles. 

"But I can come visit soon, I don't live that far and my aunt lives here."

"True, but I'll still miss you." Harry says, he lays down in Jordan's lap and she plays with his curls.

"So Abi how have you been?" Kelli asks Abi.

"Good, my brother has decided that he wants to be an engineer so he tried to fix my car, when it wasn't even broken, then." 

"Ha! That's nice!" We look at the clock and see that it's already 5 o'clock.

"Who wants to go to my place and eat?" I ask.

Every shoots up and runs to the door. I laugh and walk over with Zayn, we all pile into 3 different cars, Me, Zayn, Harry, and Jordan in one. Liam, Kelli, Niall and Brooke in another, and Abi and Louis took their own car.

I really couldn't wait to talk to Kelli, I've missed her so much and I hope that her and Jordan will be friends. I curl up next to Zayn in the back seat and he puts his hand on top of my head. I bury me head in his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

"I love you." He whispers in my ear. I look up at him and smile.

"I love you more." He shakes his head and says, "Not possible." I giggle and put my head back on his chest. 


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