Life As We Know It (Sequel to Holding On To What I Have)

Layla is with Zayn, Jordan is with Harry, Louis and Abi are together. But what happens when an old "friend" of Liam's comes back and brings a friend with her? Will Liam want to be with Katy? Will Niall find his princess?


14. She told him...

Jordan's P.O.V.

     I just stood their shocked staring at Harry, "How did you? When," Was all I could manage to stutter.

     He just smiled at me, and before I knew it I was wrapped into a bug bear hug. He was squeezing the life out of me, which was okay since we were in a hospital and they would be able to restart my heart. "I got on a plane and flew here."

     "But I thought you had a bunch of interviews you couldn't miss." I say still stunned. He finally let go of me and I was able to breathe. 

     "Liam convinced them to let me go, until next Friday. So I get to stay with you!" He says with so much excitement. I start smiling like the crazy person I am. And I can't stop, I hug him this time and breathe in his scent. 

     "I don't want to interrupt but we have to leave soon. Visiting hours are over in 15 minutes." My mum says walking out into the hallway.

     I let go of Harry to look at her, "Mum, this is Harry." I say introducing him to her. Harry reaches out to shake her hand, which she grabs but pulls him into a hug.

     "Jordan has told me many things about you, but I swear if you break her heart or get her pregnant I will hunt you down and kill you with my bare hands and make it look like a bloody accident. Do you understand me?" She growls the last part. 

      Harry turned ghostly pale, "Yes, but I w-would never," He stutters, he was really scared.

      "And believe me her father will come back and haunt you from the grave." She carries on, but right now I wanted to jump on top of my mother and scream.

      Harry turns to me with a puzzled expression, "What does she mean?" He asks.

      My fists are clenched and my knuckles are turning white, now I have to tell me. I turn to my mum, "I haven't told him about that yet." I say and glare at my mother. She has a shocked expression on her face.

      "I am so sorry, I thought he knew.." 

      "Thought I knew what?" Harry asks with curiosity in his voice.

       "About my dad and sister."

        "You have a sister?" He says with yet again a puzzled expression.


        His eyes grow wide, "You never told me anything about that."

         "No, I didn't want to. I didn't want you thinking any different of me, you would treat me like I was some fragile girl and you always had to watch what you say or you might break me. I don't want that, I don't need anyone's sympathy."

          "I wouldn't have treated you any different, I would have learned to live with it. I have always told you everything, how could you keep something so big from me? I mean how does that not come up?"

          "I don't know Harry! Maybe because O'm not over it! Maybe because I don't want to believe it and telling you about it would be admitting it. And I can't admit it! I can't admit that my father left my life at a young age, that someone I cared so deeply about left my life. Then someone came into my life and I was so happy, and then she left! She was so young and innocent! She was just 4 years old!" I screamed at him. My mother was taken back. We never really spoke about them much. Even though Halle died 3 years ago and my father 7 years. 

           I was shaking with anger, how could Harry say that? He was acting as if I was lying to him! His face softened, he raised his hand out towards me, "J, I'm sorry. I-"  But I cut him off.

           I pushed his hand away, "Harry, don't. I don't want to hear another apology. I have heard way too many in my life. I just need some time alone. Okay?"    I start walking down the hall and I could hear Harry and my mum talking.

          "I thought she would be so happy to see me.." 

          "It's my fault, I brought it up. She never handles it well when we would talk about it. I assumed she told you."




     I ran further down the hall and through several sets of doors. So many emotions running through me at once. Anger, anger towards my mother for telling Harry. Anger towards Harry for acting the way he did. Sorrow, for Halle and my dad. Happy, that Harry came for me. But most of all pain, pain like it's ripping through my chest and cutting my into tiny pieces.

      I make it outside and fall to the ground crying. I curly up into a ball and scream, I have been holding that scream in for so long. I've had it bottled up inside of me for so long. I scream until my voice becomes hoarse, and it hurts. I silently lay there and cry. Daddy, if only you were here. You could make everything better like you always did. When I fell off my bike and scratched my leg, you made all the pain go away. When I had a little kid crush on the kid next door and found out he didn't like me back you were there. Told me how boys are just a waste of space and none of them would ever be good enough for me, besides who would like a guy with cooties? Would Daddy like Harry? Would they get along? I had so many thought running through my head.

      If I could only see Halle's beautiful smile one more time. Hear her carefree laugh, it always made me smile. If I could hold her in my arms, hear her say my name. Touch her beautiful hair and hold her tiny hand. 

      I just kept crying, I heard footsteps come near me. But I didn't move, I didn't care what happened to me. 

     I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me towards them, so I was resting in the person's lap.

     "Shhh, baby it's okay. I'm here for you. I'm never going to leave you, don't worry baby, I love you so much."







    OMG!!!!!!!! I am so sorry for the long wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am such a horrible person! I hope this chapter makes up for it! If it doesn't let me know!!! <3 <3

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